Friday, June 1, 2012

Dry Spell/Catching Up

I actually had a long post typed up today, but unfortunately I hit some keys which caused my entire post to be deleted, and the auto-save kicked in and I lost my entire original post, so this is me re-typing lol. I apologize for not posting in a while, I've been on "regional letdown", just trying to relax with the game but keeping up with everything I need to do like life stuff, buying/selling cards, doing a whole bunch of yard work, etc. The last time I topped a regional I quit a game (Magic) since I felt that I had nothing more to prove/accomplish. I have a bit of that mindset with Yugz at the moment, but fortunately YCS Seattle is coming up, so I'm able to step my next goal to be topping a YCS. Even just top 32, I would be ecstatic. I did get 22nd at the last Seattle Shonen, so I know it's certainly a possibility. I spent a crapload of time prepping for regionals, so you know I'll go even harder for YCS. Of course it'll be a completely new format by then, so who knows, maybe we'll all be playing Water decks lol.

I've seen/heard/read quite a few rants about the current state of the format, but as is the yearly tradition, summer is always the "apex of derp" of the March format. I can't remember the last time the game was "healthy" during Nationals. Dragons, Inzektors, Samurai (plus new buddy), and Hieratics can OTK you, Dino Rabbit can lock you down, and Wind-Ups can loop you. What an enjoyable field of diversity! Something pretty big needs to happen with the upcoming list to set the game back to a healthy state, but you know within 6-8 weeks it'll all go to hell again. Always has, and most likely always will, but we still keep playing right? 

I've been surprised at how excited people have been for Battle Pack, I know it's been selling pretty well at locals. In all honesty a lot of the set is crap, but there's juuust the right amount of good cards in it and because it is very cheap, I think a lot of people look past this. I have yet to buy any of the product but I won 8 packs of it last week, and because I'm getting a set of Guides from Trong, I probably won't buy any. I almost impulse-bought one of those Walmart things that includes the mat today, but decided I should just keep my money. The first Sealed tourney is happening tomorrow I believe, but again I'm probably going to pass on it. Advanced tourney for Battle Packs for $3? Sure. Sealed tourney with Battle Packs to win more Battle Packs for $20? Nah. Funny how my opinion basically did a 180 in a matter of a week lol. I'd be surprised if there were 8 people that had $20/$25 to enter in the first place, considering who all goes to the Uncle's tourney. 

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