Saturday, November 24, 2012

My YCS Re-Cap

Better late than never, right? :)
I had wanted to do this a long time ago, but after YCS I was pretty much behind on all my homework and with the holiday coming up I really just didn't have any time.

I won't be going over all my matches or anything like that, I went 4-3 drop losing Round 1 to Geargia who had Armor+3 or 4 backrow opening plays, Round 6 to Heroes that sided into Wind-Ups; in Game 3 - totally blew me by surprise as I had anti-Hero stuff sided in, and he goes Rabbit+Factory, then proceeds to Magician-Shark me ftw. Then in Round 7 lost to Chain Burn, just don't have anything sided for that match-up besides a pair of Dust Tornadoes :/

All in all it was a fun event though, our hotel was sick and Danny met a lot of pros and got to chat it up with them. I met LFN, who's a very cool guy. Besides that, my binder went through Weight-Watchers (ie the vendors) and I got to sell a lot of stuff off. Even though I know basically everything is really under-cut, I didn't really care because a lot of that stuff was just stuff that sat in my binder for many many months.

I think the best thing that came out of this event for us was motivation to go to YCS' across the country. After thinking about it, it's entirely possible to do even in my situation so I'm fairly sure that once the stateside YCS' are announced for the coming year, we will be making plans to go to as many as we can.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The time has finally come, and tomorrow we will be traveling to the first YCS of the northwest. The last major we had was 4 years ago with SJC Seattle, and I'm guessing the next one we have will be another 4 years from now lol. I would love to be able to travel to participate in more events like these, unfortunately my situation doesn't allow me to, and the financial returns even if I performed very well, consecutively, doesn't warrant it in my opinion. This event will be so important for me because who knows where I will be 4 years from now or if the game will even still be around by then. Not only speaking on my performance, but being able to go in with my team and doing our best to tear it up; this will be a momentous event.

Good luck to all participating!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Doldrums

Doldrums [dohl-druhmz]
1. a state of inactivity or stagnation
2. a dull, listless, depressed mood; low spirits

So over the past few weeks it seems that there has been a big divide in the community - half seem to be taking a break or quitting for what ever reason, and the other are still going at it and enjoying the relatively balanced format. I find myself in both places; when it comes to blogging about Yugioh, I find it hard to talk about anything new or what's been going on in the meta, because it feels like not much has been going on. This almost seems contradictory since our newest set was just released. I've noticed this happen among fellow bloggers and various YouTubers. Perhaps Kris Perovic's article put things into perspective for people, with the self-understanding that things probably won't change on Konami's part. On the other side of things, as I prep for YCS Seattle, I am very motivated in tweaking my main, side, and extra to what I think is the best that I can, because I know there won't be a YCS in our area for the foreseeable future. I wish I could playtest more, but it's almost a daunting endeavor simply because you never know what you're gonna play against in such a large field with a brand new set just released. I could test for hours and hours against the popular decks, get my siding strategies down perfectly and whatnot, only to get blind sided by a "random" deck and then get sacked by a sacky deck, virtually eliminating me from the tourney. This factor became very apparent when Carl got 2nd at the Sneak Peek tourney with Six Sams. Not to take anything away from Carl, but when people think of "sacky" deck, the top 3 basically consist of Sam, Darkworld, and Lightsworn. It sucks to know that at any given time, regardless of skill level, you can get sacked. Such is Yugioh.

It just goes to show that regardless of the state of the game, it's impossible to please everyone. When they reprint something, some people will bitch and some people will praise. When something gets rarity-bumped, some people will bitch and some people (profiteers) will praise. I guess you just have to take the beast for what it is, and for God's sake (side rant) people need to open their eyes in regards to patterns. I still see people holding onto freshly pulled Sneak Peek cards because of hype or whatever, when it isn't doing them any good but they refuse to trade it to someone that's only missing that 1 card to finish their deck. The old "I'm not sure why this is good, but I'm going to hold onto it because everyone seems to want it" line. Go ahead and keep your card bro, cuz in a week or two it's value is gonna drop. Happens all the time. Remember Tour Bus? I offered $50 for one when it was new-ish, but they held onto it cuz it was "70 on eBay". What's it at now - 10 to 15? Looks like you plussed hard there. It's the same damn story for new stuff that comes out - if you're not gonna build the damn deck, learn to let it go for a fair value. And trust me, if all you got is that 1 card for the decktype, chances are you aren't actually gonna go all out and pick everything else up especially when it's rarity bumped to shit, just to build it, and still be shitty anyway. I love Sneak Peeks! lol.

Side rant aside, I believe this YCS will be a big factor, in one way or another, for a lot of people when it comes to sticking out the rest of the format or not.