Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tick Tock

Sold Wind-Ups, bought Mermail, don't like Mermail (for me,, now what to do. This is what I've been dealing with the past few days with the assumption that it was time to move on from Wind-Ups. I've also gotten to play some Magic using Danny's cards, and I must say it's quite fun. Using a mid-range deck definitely fits my style and the one Danny has built up fits perfectly for me. I'm still waiting on the next Standard event to see what cards I should be getting before I invest money into the game; I'd like to see what decks are currently good with the new set legal.

As far as ban lists go, so far I'm most inclined to think that the one with Goyo is the most realistic. My prediction on Rabbit and Factory both going to 1 and them doing a menial hit to Water (Diva to 1) all fits. Warning to 1 is kind of annoying but it's been a 2-of staple in any backrow deck ever since it went to 2. Time to make way for alternate backrow cards I suppose. The rest I won't delve too much into as I don't want to give my full opinions on a list that is by no means confirmed. Once a list with legit scans are up you can bet I'll post on it :)

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