Friday, October 4, 2013

Obligatory Sixth Sense Post

Well the talk in the dueling world today is definitely about Sixth Sense and it's legalization come October 11. I was quite shocked when I read not only was it going to be released to us via Joey's World, but also legal for us to use at 1! Naturally as a Dragon player I am excited about this but as someone that tries to stay unbiased (ie looking at it from the other side of the table), it is just completely busted and doesn't really have much purpose in the game other than it being completely sacky. I mean I play Dragons and can say that Return needs to go lol. Just as we got rid of Gateway, Card Destruction, Avarice, Reborn, etc, we get this forced on us. This card can go into virtually any deck and while not every deck wants to randomly mill up to 4 cards, it is certainly not terrible considering the percentage of the reward of being able to draw 5 or 6 off one card. I think this will bring about di roll cheating even more than it may have already been experienced, which is quite unfortunate. So now we have to worry about di roll cheaters on top of stackers, rule sharkers, and other-method cheaters lol.

Naturally this move was done to help the sales of Joey's World, cuz let's face it no one was buying this $30 product on pre-order based on the given information of the 2 promos, a straight-to-ban card, tokens, and the playing board. I think it'd still be friggin nice to get more info but with only a week until the release I'm guessing there won't be much. Maybe some more reveals throughout the week until Europe gets it early like they usually do and the contents are spoiled anyway. I anticipate this being similar to the CCV travesty where you'd basically get 1 CCV out of a case of Gold Series 1. We all know how much CCV's were at that period. I don't think it'll be quite that bad but with the $30 price tag, the set being 300-some cards, it being desired by both collectors and competitive players, of course it won't be cheap. The lucky people that pull well will probably buy 1 of the boxes and pull one while those like myself could buy 5 of these and pull none, that is why I won't be buying any of these and will just look to order it via singles, unless it is revealed to have a magically high pull-rate as a common or something.

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