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Box Tourney Re-Cap (Valley Uncle's) 5-7-2012

I didn't get to deck-tweaking til like an hour before the tourney, and Zach texted me asking if I'd pick him up so I was scrambling a bit more. I settled on the changes that I told myself I'd do, tested out a few hands and drew nothin but janky poop and didn't feel confident going into the tourney to be honest. I leave for Zach's and pick him up around 4:30.

We get to Uncle's, still not a lot of people there, so I just sit down and play out a few more hands and look over my side. More people show up but only like half are interested in playing since the upcoming T&M box tourney (today) outshines it with its $3 entry. We're waiting around because there are only like 9 people entered even though it was pretty clear that there were like 16. Roy ends up entering on the contingency that he'd get Magic packs instead of YGO for prizing if he topped, or something like that. I think someone else shows up to enter, so Carl ends up withdrawing from the tourney so that no one would get the bye. Earlier in the morning I printed about 20 pages worth of Pojo Q&A stuff regarding Veiler vs Rabbit, but apparently people had been enlightened and know how it works now so they weren't necessary. Still good to have though. Tourney attendance is 10.

Round 1 vs Trong (TG)
I win the die roll.
He really didn't get much going either game and between Inzektors and Cardcars, I have way too much advantage.
Record: 1-0

Round 2 vs Roy (Inzektor)
I lose the die roll.
The note-worthy thing about this match was our dispute about the interaction of Veiler + Inzektor in which I had a Centipede with Mantis equipped, and he summoned Dragonfly to equip Ladybug to it. At this point I Veiler'd, stating that Ladybug would fall off, "...but it's an Equip Spell card". So I tried to explain that monsters can't be in the S/T zone unless they are held there by some kind of effect unless they are there by their own effect such as Giga-Mantis and Dark Necrofear, stated that there are 3 or 4 references on here in which I've taken the time to look up and post, but they're "not official Konami rulings" so I guess it didn't matter. The fallacy of that argument is, well, Konami don't do shit about rulings, at least to the extent that they should.

When you have a group of people talking about rulings on a site such as Pojo and then no one comes in to the particular thread to disprove what someone has said, then it's like what can you do beyond that point? Especially if there are multiple threads asking the same question and all having virtually the same answer; guys such as ness00 and Redshift are pretty good about not leaving incorrectly-answered threads on there. The moment someone posts an incorrect reply, there are 3 or 4 guys that pounce on the dude and tell him he's wrong. This morning I took the liberty of trying to find an official ruling, and hopping on Konami's site, it's evident that their rulings only go up to EXVC. A lot of good that does when Inzektors came out 2 sets after that. See what I mean by when I say they "don't do shit about rulings"? I did remember that Dragunities work a lot like Inzektors though, so upon looking at the official rulings for Dragunity Dux and Legionnaire in the HA03 rule book, it clearly states: "If this card’s effect is negated while it is equipped with a “Dragunity” monster, the “Dragunity” monster will be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard."

We ask Carl who's the judge for the tourney, he says the equip would stay, which I'm just like "god damnit" and I think I actually do a facepalm. Or at least I did mentally. He said he'd check though, so he hops on the computer, comes back a few minutes later and basically reiterates what I had said all along. Thank God for the Internet. 

Anyways after he ended with a Dragonfly equipped with Sword, and me topping Hornet I believe, I had won it.
Don't remember which game I lost but we went 3 games.
Record: 2-0

Round 3 vs Link (Chaos Dragon)
I lose the die roll.
This match wasn't too important since it was going to be the last round of Swiss if Shiggs won his match. 
I ended up using all 3 Cardcar D's in game 1 I believe and still had not gotten into a Hornet until a few turns later. Unbelievable. You can't wait "a few turns later" against this deck lol. I honestly don't remember game 2, I think he Crow'd a Hornet which wrecked me.
Record: 2-1

Shiggs won his round, so top 4 was Link (Chaos Dragon), me (Inzektor), Shiggs (Sams), and Aaron (no clue what he played).

Top 4 vs Shiggs
I lose the die roll.
I was in a pretty bad position in game 1 when I was facing down his Colossal Fighter; he had gone for game with a huge Warrior-loaded grave, but I had Veiler to keep me alive at 400LP. I Heavy Storm my backrow of used-up traps and a Giga-Mantis equipped to Ladybug so I special back Centipede and pass. He tops Enishi and runs over both dudes. I have a Reborn in my hand, so I knew my surviving play was going to Reborn Centipede, equip Ladybug, send, grab Dragonfly, send, and go into Tiras. I do exactly that, run over Enishi and pop Colossal. I don't think he has any top-deck outs to this situation other than Derka Hole, he tops Smoke Signal, grabs Kageki and sets it, and it's over since I have Inzektor in hand.
In game 2 I open with 2 Messenger of Peace and draw into a third one which I'm happy about. I'm able to put one on the field before he brings out Shi En so I'm in a very good situation. I gradually set up my field and pops, turn off Messenger when I'm ready, and it's over a couple turns later.

Finals vs Link
So apparently they weren't giving out GAOV for prizing, which just pisses people off. I thought the whole point of this tourney was to get the new set out, but instead they "had to get rid of these boxes" (ORCS). Link was like "if I had known that I wouldn't have played." I didn't mind too much at the time, even thinking I would've preferred ORCS since it has Hornet while GAOV only really has a couple of Secrets worth anything, but in hindsight I would've gone with the new set if I had the choice. We agreed to split the packs but play it out. We ended up with 18 packs each, pretty good for a few hours of play.
I lose games 1 and 3; game 2 I had him locked under Messenger, poking with Reaper, and popping whatever he ended up setting leading to more Reaper pokes. I think this is the first time I've ever had this play go off lol. I think I'm gonna try to go for it more for aggro/beater-ish decks and maybe up Reaper to 2 in the side.

We go to Link/Zach's and open our packs, our best pulls were a Zektcaliber and a Wind-Up Rat. Pretty shitty!

Overall I was satisfied with my build and the changes I made played out in line with my theory-oh.
Deck: 40
Monsters: 19
10 Staple Bugs
2 Ladybug
3 Veiler
3 Cardcar D
1 DD Crow

Spells: 11
2 Duality
1 Zektcaliber
1 Hole
1 Reborn
1 Heavy
1 Book
1 Foolish

Traps: 10
2 Torr
2 Call
3 Solemn
2 Safe Zone
1 Fiendish

After cutting Hopper, I can easily say that I don't miss the card at all. There was never really an instance when I was like "damn I wish I had Hopper right now." I do like Cardcar, as I was explaining to someone else, sometimes I'd play like 2 Cardcar in a game and still didn't Hornet, so imagine what it would've been like if I hadn't had them. It'd take me 4 turns to draw into nothing, rather than 2, unless I played something extreme like Armageddon Knight that ensured Hornet into the grave. Every time I was able to use Cardcar's effect, it felt like I was basically 2 turns ahead of my opponent (or catching up in some games), which is why I like the card. In my opinion though, it goes like this for the TCG: if a deck would normally play Tour Guide, it should run them over Cardcars if space doesn't allow for both. If a deck normally wouldn't run Guide, then it may benefit from a couple of Cardcars. At the end of the day it's still a generic +1 draw card, but what's going to happen is that Guide will see more play than Car in the top decks at the next YCS, and thus everyone will dismiss Car as crap. That's kind of an unfair assessment in my opinion though. People have also asked me "you bought Cars, so why don't you have Tour Guides?" Reprint's coming up. I don't mind waiting out the 3 weeks to save some $.

I tried the maindecked Crow instead of BLS cuz I kept dead-drawing it in my test hands, and I also anticipated Inzektor or other grave-based decks. I figured if I was going to side it in a bunch, I should just main it. I didn't draw into it too much throughout the day though. I tried the 1-of Sword rather than cutting it completely, which was probably OK. Even at 1 it'd be dead in hand sometimes, so I'm glad I didn't run the conventional 2. Earlier in the week I asked Mike from Dueling Legacy why the OCG didn't play Sword, and he said "I prefer to spend space on cards which help me make my combo successful like Lance, [or] DAD". I thought about it for a while, and was basically like "huh..he's right" lol. I took this a bit further and rationalized that Sword increases the OTK capability of the deck at the expense of some consistency, and was also a lot better in a Rabbit-heavy environment. Since our area basically doesn't have Rabbit anymore, its usefulness diminished. I may end up cutting the 1 Sword I still have in there in an effort to further increase consistency (still having troubles with Hornet access).

I tried the 2 Safe Zone since my 2nd arrived in the mail, but it really didn't do much for me. Never drew it much so I can't come to any conclusions about it yet.

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