Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GAOV Box Tournies Note, Tourney Results + Format Impressions

For local players- there will be 2 box tourneys for GAOV next week.
Monday (May 7) there will be one held at the Valley Uncle's. I'd assume the usual time of 5:30-ish and regular entrance fee of $15.
Tuesday (May 8) there will be one held at T&M Cards in the Valley. Advanced format (not Brandon's lol). I know many of you have never been there, so the address is: 9212 E Montgomery Ave. It's across the street from a Panda Express and Subway. Time will also be around 5 or 5:30-ish and entrance fee is ONLY $3. That's literally the cost of any other randy local but 1st gets a whole box. Not sure on what the prizing will be for anything below 2nd, if there even is anything, but the manager is pretty fair when it comes to prizing to be honest. It'd help if a decent amount of people showed up, since the entrance is only 3 bucks after all. If you're really gonna skip out on a $3 entry box tourney, well fuck, I dunno what to say about YGO in our area.

Yesterday Uncle's had their Sneak Peak tourney, I ended up getting 3rd after losing to Ian's Dino Rabbit. I was in fairly good position by having a Messenger of Peace up (the only 1 I could find out of my stuff), but he went Mind Control for my Trooper, Reborn his Tour Guide to go into Zenmaines, then later Torrential'd when I went for a Dragonfly play and popped my MoP with the Zenmaines. For some reason he didn't Torrential when I summoned Dragonfly (that's what most people would do), so I assumed my play was safe, so I got greedy and went for the Sword play to grab 2 Centipede and then he Torrential'd. FML. Admittedly I didn't have much for Rabbit in my side, since no one on the team runs it now and I figured people had dropped it. There was some confusion with the interaction between Veiler and Rabbit, so I did update my previous rulings post with sources that describe what happens and why it happens that way. C'mon people, when literally the whole online YGO community is claiming how "Veiler wrecks Rabbit", why would you think that if Rabbit gets Veiler'd and then you banish it, you still get the effect? I beat Dwight in the 3rd vs 4th mirror-match playoff and got 4 packs of GAOV. I was tempted to just get the 3 packs of ORCS for 4th plus 1 pack of GAOV, but figured "ah it's the new set, why not."

Today was the first Advanced format tourney at T&M's, Brandon Schroash'd about playing in it, whining about Inzektors this and Inzketors that, "Hornet should go to 1", I'm just like "c'mon man don't hate" lol since I was the only one running it (until Paul did today). He ended up playing though since everyone brought up the point that he should play if he expected people to play in his (guess they're going to alternate between Advanced and pseudo-Traditional each week). This was also Rob's first tourney back in god knows how long, and this was also the first tourney I've personally played in (and known that we could use it), in which GAOV would be OK to use. So I change up my Inzektor deck to incorporate Ladybug, threw in my Rank 5's, tested like a dozen game 1's against Rob, and the Tiras play is pretty sweet and it happens like on a pretty decent frequency. Sucks when it gets Compulse'd, but the same can be said for any XYZ.

Round 1 I get paired up against Mike "Grizzly Adams" H. who was testing his Lightray/LS. I lose the die roll, and games 1 and 3, with some of the most unplayable hands I've ever had with the deck. There's only so much I can do when I only draw Ladybugs and Hornets - Rob watched, it was just ugly. Lost 1-2. On the bright side I at least had the mindset of "well I'd rather this happen to me here so I can tweak it for later, than at like a box tourney". Sucks cuz the majority of the games I played with Rob, that shit didn't happen.

Round 2 I beat James who was running what felt like pretty much 3 Dragons Collide decks smashed together. Won 2-0.

Round 3 I beat Xavier who ran DW. It was funny watching him try to get his Morphing Jar flipped, but Inzektors, once they get going, tend to not allow stuff like that to happen. Won 2-0.

It was only a 3-rounder, and Rob got 1st while I got 2nd and Paul got 3rd. I thought Mike H should've gotten 2nd, since he had the same overall record as me but he beat me, but their whole pairings and points system is kinda off. These local tournies really do need to do at least a top 4 cut, cuz no one wants to play in a "lose once you're screwed" kind of tournament. I'm personally a big fan of double elimination myself, even up to the top cutoff, that way a person that loses in the first round of top but going undefeated in Swiss doesn't get the ultimate shaft. That's how they do fighting game tournaments, but then again a match of SF, MK, or Marvel can be like 5-10 minutes compared to the 30+ of YGO. I ended up getting 2 packs of sleeves from my store credit, since I needed sleeves to make more decks and they ain't got shit for YGO product at the moment. I was still reeling from my deck taking a dump on my chest in my match against Mike, which leads me into my next point-

The release of Ladybug and Cardcar D makes being able to fit all of the miscellaneous choices into Inzektors very difficult from what I've seen. Trying to follow Team ARG's path and add some Safe Zones into the mix when there are so many good playable traps right now? Holy crap it's tough. Hopper seems like the go-to cut, but how many times have you been able to "hold down the fort" with a Hopper equipped with Sword? Those situations would be crap if you had Ladybug instead. Do the Card Troopers get cut? Cut a Call or is 3 still the right number? Cut the Swords themselves? - those lead to easy OTK's and "floating" Inzektors though. Do we even play Cardcar D? OCG has played triplicate since its release and they haven't had ignition priority for about a year, but does that mean TCG Inzektors will or should? Lots to think about especially when trying to keep the deck at 40 or 41.

As for Hieratics, I admittedly still don't know what the cards do or how the deck works, which is probably pretty bad considering regionals is in like 3 weeks. Apparently the deck needs Gustaph Max to be good? I dunno, it seems to be what I read whenever I'm glancing over discussion about the deck.

In terms of everything else, I'm curious to see if the Messenger of Peace thing will continue to be relevant or if beater-like decks will just ensure they're running more S/T removal and the tech will just die off. Speaking of MoP - impossible to find at locals. As Rob said, "what has Yugioh come to when you can't even get a Messenger of Peace at a local?" lol, too true. For me personally, I almost can't even ask if someone has a particular card and expect to get it anymore, cuz it's like "oh Mike's wanting it it must be good I'm gonna keep it." It's kinda true though, I hardly ever ask for something "random" unless there's a good reason behind it, cuz I honestly wouldn't bother otherwise.

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