Monday, July 23, 2012

Waiting it Out

I haven't blogged in quite a while, partly due to being busy but mostly due to it being the end of the format. At this point I don't have any tier 1 deck to run so I've just been waiting it out and having patience for the next ban list. The only tourney I make it to anymore is Tuesdays at Gamer's Haven, but I'd like to start going to Sunday Northtown since apparently a lot of people go there now. I built Darkworld but don't really like it so I've moved on to something else which I haven't played in a real match yet.

Unfortunately I haven't hopped on to the Goat Control bandwagon even though it does seem like a lot of fun. I wish our Tuesday "Mayhem"/pseudo-traditional tourney would be Goat format but I think it'd be confusing to explain to most people that went there. Everyone should be going hard for Advanced anyway once we get the list in like 3-4 weeks since the Seattle YCS is getting closer. I've been working on the next ban list for the Mayhem tourney and it was my goal to make "rotated-out" decks like Blackwings, Agents, and Plants to be able to be played again, and get rid of the "too broken even for Traditional" cards, so hopefully people enjoy the upcoming list. Just gotta run it by Danny, see what happens on the real list, and it should be good to go.

I think it's pretty sad that Advanced is so bad that a lot of people have been playing these "other" formats like this, to be honest I have more fun playing in the Mayhem tourney than Advanced even though there are a greater number of broken cards. It all seems to even out somehow so you can still come back from the usual broke plays you'd see in Advanced.

Other than that, Advanced YGO seems pretty much at a stand-still; not much to talk about besides product news that may come about and of course the ban list when it arrives. I've seen a lot of prediction videos on Youtube, and it's nice to see all the similar thought processes with the ones that I had in my banlist post. It's fairly easy to see what the problematic cards are in the game, hopefully Konami touches at least half of them for the overall betterment of the game.

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