Thursday, August 2, 2012

And Here We Go

With only somewhere between 2.5 and 3 weeks until the banlist comes out, the bi-yearly tradition is starting up once again. You know what I'm talking about: fake lists, "I heard from someone who heard from someone"'s, random speculation, wishful thinking, it all contributes to people going pretty much absolutely nuts, including me lol. This becomes two-fold for me since I'm also eagerly awaiting what promos will be in REDU SE. So between now and "around that time", every few hours or so I'll check Shriek's sites, Konami's product page, Youtube, DGz and Pojo, looking for any bits of info I can. It may be kind of obsessive, but a lot is riding on this banlist for me this time around. Being able to read Japanese helps a lot in determining fake lists, which I'm happy about :) With an early Seattle reg, potential money match between us and Yakima, and YCS Sea-Tac coming up, I want to dive right into next format and start intensive testing with my team. My paypal is also ready to buy up what ever I imagine going up in value due to the list.

In regards to the list though, I've pretty much made up my mind that if this upcoming format is simply a continuation of our current one, I'm buying an Xbox360, and basically doing an "Austin Kulman" for YGO. If you don't know, he pretty much never plays and just goes to various events buying and selling stuff. I pretty much do this anyway for our local area, on a much smaller scale than Austin. One thing I hardly ever do nowadays is trade. I suppose that it's because it's the end of the format and there's pretty much no point in trying to pick up anything major. People have also kind of ruined it for me, you know, the types that gather around you when you're trying to do a trade and someone will say "something", either tipping the other person off about the trade not being worth it, or people being judgmental in general or whatever. People also whip out their phones to look at eBay quicker than they do their dicks nowadays, so the art of trading has kinda gone by the wayside anyway. So pretty much I buy shit off people, whether it be their binder or their massive amounts of commons, and sell stuff at around 85% of ebay value. I'm perfectly fine with doing this, as it still keeps me somewhat in the game and it's economically worth my time. Theoretically I'm saving my buyers money as well, so everyone wins.

I've also expressed interest in starting up Magic again for the umpteenth time if the YGO list is bad, not sure if I will though. If I do, it'll be right after the rotation in October. Between me, Link, and Danny, one of us has to obtain the title of "Tri-Champion", in which someone tops in at least 3 different TCG regionals/equivalents. Link has tops in Pokemon and Yugz, I have tops in Magic and Yugz, and Danny has tops in Yugz. It'd be nice if all three of us (plus others) got into Magic together. I don't feel like getting into Pokemon (the concept of 1-game matches irks me), and I'm not sure what the state of Cardfight Vanguard is in terms of starting up regionals and stuff like that. Any other TCG isn't played in our area so those are a no-go.

Either way, I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. I'm sincerely hoping that the list fixes enough problems to the point where we at least have a good first half. Beyond that, I'm not holding my breath because the game always goes to hell once the latest set comes out. This time around I'm guessing it'll be Water that'll do it, I wouldn't be surprised if we get some exclusive that breaks them and the cycle repeats like clockwork, just like the cycle of changing seasons. I made a few changes to our fake-traditional tourney list, and I keep forgetting to print it off to show to Danny for approval lol.

Completely off-topic things I wanted to express:
- With the latest Batman movie making so much money, it'd be dumb for them to stop. I know Nolan is done with the series, so how are they going to continue the franchise? I'm hoping not a reboot, because going through another origin story movie seems so tedious. I hope they can continue where they left off but just have another director instead. My vote: keep Gordon-Levitt, bring Nightwing into the series somehow, and re-cast Joker. Use the Superman reboot and this new Batman movie as the starting point for the eventual Justice League movie.

- For some reason this has been on my mind ever since I read it and I just can't let it go lol. Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion. All the legacy associated with Snoop just seems to have been thrown away. Did anyone besides me watch his sketch comedy show Doggy Fizzle Televizzle?

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