Thursday, September 20, 2012

Off to Regionals (Seattle edition)

Not quite yet (leaving tomorrow but I won't be posting again til Sunday at the earliest), but I've been busy packing and getting things together for my group and me. The past week or so has also been hectic, trying to get in as many tourneys I can just for more practice with my deck. There are a lot of minor nuances in the main that I'm still not quite sure what's technically the best to go with, but I just have to go with the mindset of trying to minimize drawing into dead cards/hands as often as possible. As for my side, I think all I can go with is trying to tailor to what the popular decks may be, although knowing how many of which deck I play is virtually impossible. For example last format I played quite a few Inzektor mirror matches at the regional, while my teammates played like none lol.

After the regional I get to sell off what ever expensive cards I have, because this reprint stuff is gettin pretty cray!

Good luck to all participating in YCS Indy! I'll probably post typed-up decklists again as I find them. Also if you're going to straight-up Youtube the decklists I type up, please give the blog a shoutout :) I know I'm just getting the lists from like Underworld or mkohl40, but I do physically type them out myself and I did give credit where credit is due. I just ask for the same consideration.


  1. what do you tell your wife when you go to these events?

    might work for my family members as well :P

  2. if you play against my frds from vancouver you can say hi lol