Sunday, September 2, 2012

Upcoming Box Tourney, Toronto Day 1

First I'd like to officially announce the box tournament for next week at Gamer's Haven. I even made a flier for this one :) Hope to see people there!

So much to my surprise, Wind-Ups ended up being a more popular deck choice at Toronto than I had initially thought. I've been checking DGz's Toronto thread on and off for most of the day, and it seems that Wind-Ups, Geargia/Karakuri, and Hero are making the biggest impact. Obviously we know there's a Chain Burn at the top as well, by the feature match. Jeff Jones apparently went 6-2 with a Psychic deck running 3 Grandsoil, and his article for his deck can be found at ARG. Machines are undoubtedly the breakout deck from this tourney, as it wasn't really talked about among the community, at least compared with the other decks. This kind of surprises me because Geargia didn't do a whole lot in the OCG last format, compared to even Heroes. I'm eagerly waiting to see what ends up topping and winning tomorrow, and of course decklists.

What will win? Will it be

Or something else?

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