Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays, Small Update

So now that we have gone through another end of the world thing, I wonder when the next predicted date will be? lol. The more of these that I go through the more I start to think it'll never happen. I enjoy life but the world is wretched, it really does need the restart button pushed for it.

Anyway I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday, I'm currently working on a post called something like "The Ethics of Trading" and would like to talk about Verz/Evilswarm as I do think that deck will be sick after reading more in-depth as to what the cards do. Those will come most likely next year. In the mean time as some of the team has made it a point to go to YCS Miami and Austin, we will be amping up the playtesting. At this point I'm not sure if I'll continue to play Wind-Up, switch to Mermail, or consider Fire if I see it top more OCG events.

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