Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Player Format

By Zach Sharrai
Hello everyone, today I'll be giving my insight on the game state of the format, why certain decks work, why players are starting to play consistent, and why opening a "4 or 5" turn hand can win you the game.

To begin, this is realistically the first format where the skill of the player affects over 60-70% of who will win the game. This being said I will also state that there will always be sacky decks like burn or stall that lesser players will choose to get an easy win with. This of course takes 10-20% of the other percentage. Nowadays players are becoming a lot smarter with knowing how to get synergy with any deck, and with that I feel the last 10% is due to "bad hands".

My next point is the most important. The players. WE have seen many pros come and go but this is really a good time in yugioh where we actually have "pros". Not just kids with money who buy DAD decks and win at locals because no one else can afford it. WE have seen the same players top over the past year or so whom in my opinion have become the "celebrities" to the world of yugioh. Player like the great Billly Brake and Robert Boyaijin are consistent toppers along with Joe Giorlando and Simon He (not to mention the rise of the ARG empire). I see the struggles in the game because of the amount of skill it can take- just goes to shows how hard these guys work. End result: Studying, playtesting and mental toughness are 3 keys to success in this game.

On to my next point, I am starting to see that ANY deck can win, yes that means that Watts, GK, Sabers, ALL have ways that they can win. Hence why I believe this is a player format. Now do I think there is a best deck? No in my opinion there is not a Tier-0 deck nor do I think there will be for a while. With that being said I do feel that Merlanteans is the deck to play if you want the most success. Reason being is because the deck has everything it could possibly need regarding back row destruction, field presence, conservative or slow play and a little draw power. Due to the fact that this is a mostly monster deck makes it a lot easier to know how to play around indecent hands. Decks like Inzektors and Geargia can give you strange hands and confuse the player on how to approach the situation (I.E. decks with consistent hands win games). I am not disregarding Inzektors as I want to build them as well, I just feel that it was fantastic meta call (and the rise of Threatening Roar has begun).

Lastly, going back to the consistency matter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks that open hands like that win because they can predict turns into the future. Not saying Yu-Gi-Oh! players are psychic but we study decks enough to know what to expect most of the time. For example I am currently piloting Chaos Dragons. I open up with a Ryko, Trag, Lyla,Light Pulsar, P.O.A. and Veiler. I can set Ryko save my veiler have Lyla next turn etc. The reason this win games is because myself as a player was taught to try and foresee what a player will do and outplay him. This once again all falls back on the consistency of designing your deck to draw well enough hands to get that situation. Because it is then that you get to use skill over luck. And no offense but I'll take skill over luck any day...

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