Monday, December 24, 2012

YuGiOh Sept 2012 Format Tier List

I know I previously suggested I was done posting for this year, but I had been working on this while I was sitting in class one day a few weeks ago, meant to post it up a long time ago but just now finally getting around to typing it up. I was inspired to do this because tier lists are fairly prominent/popular in fighting games, and I just thought it'd be fun to do one for Yugz. Ranks are based on the fighting game tiering system, ie not number-based. Doing something like a tier list, whether it be for fighting games or card games or whatever, is always open to much debate; after all a player that plays X character/deck will generally think their character/deck deserves a higher ranking than what it may be realistically. After all, ultimately a player's skill level, in combination with luck, will generally result in the winner of the match. For example a certain pilot may be able to outplay everyone with Gravekeeper, but does that mean it realistically is a better deck than Agent right now? I think not.

I tried to form this list based on tournament results (TCG and OCG) and my personal opinions. I also included a column for the likelihood that I think the deck overall will get hit on the banlist, in some way shape or form. Again this is based on tournament results, my opinions, and what I think Konami will do in regards to sales purposes. Decks within a particular grade are not ordered in any way in terms of tier. If a particular deck is not listed, it either means I'd rate it lower than a "C", or I just forgot about it. Only TCG-available decks are listed (I'd say Verz is an A or A+-rank deck though).

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