Friday, August 24, 2012

First New-List Tourney Recap, Format Impressions

Last Tuesday we had the first tournament for the new format at Gamer's Haven, which I was excited for since like the week prior. This was also Rob's first tourney back in God knows how long, so I was 2x excited. Prior to this, I had mostly been testing with Plants, and the more I played it, the less I liked it. It felt way too passive even for my taste, and I figured that it just wasn't fast/powerful enough to keep up with the meta. I was back at square one all the way till like Monday, until I played against Schroeder on DN. He was trying out Agents and as always, Kristya is a beast. I had forgotten that Agents was a deck even though I played it so much back when it was popular and even lost to a guy at Portland regionals who top 8'd with TG Agent a few months ago. I checked out Josh Graham's build on DGz, and although I don't own any E-Teles, I tested a few games on DN with my own version and liked how it performed overall, so I decided to go with that for the tourney. I went with the philosophy that boss monsters win games, and this deck has the most at the moment.

Around 3pm or so I picked up Rob and stopped by Panda since I hadn't eaten all day. I eat my food, test with Rob a bit, do some business, pick up a fairly substantial amount of commons off Paul, and all was good. Originally I was going to do a full tourney report but I didn't keep my lifepoint papers and it's been too long to remember the details of the games.

To recap, I ended up getting 3rd after losing to Jon Borden's Samurais. I lost the di roll and game 1 he opens Gateway and derps, I win game 2, and he pretty much derps game 3 when he just Enishi's away my one thing I can summon and Shi En's just gonna negate my relevant backrows. Of course I don't draw into Kinetic or anything like that y'know. I made the deck using 2 Trago as well as Gorz specifically to deal with this kind of BS, but if you don't draw it, a lot of good it does lol. I know a lot of people discredit Sams as a deck, but wtf are you supposed to do when they open nutty turn 1 with backrow protection and you open mediocre? Besides trying to bluff your way out of it; jack shit, that's what. I swear to God he opens Gateway like it was back at 3. Thankfully Rob beat him in the finals, I didn't watch too much of their match since I had to play Schroeder again, this time I beat him - mirror match is fun!

As for the deck, I liked it as long as I didn't open with multiple Shine Balls. I noticed that the only games I lost (besides the nutty Samurai openers) were the ones I opened two in the early game. I remember making a blog post way back about why I would stop running Agents, in that I'd lose to bad players simply due to opening multiple Ball. Sure it's not necessarily an auto-lose situation because I could have 4 other sick cards, but losing 2 cards worth of resources is too detrimental in the majority of cases. I even ran the deck at 42 to try and lower my probability of opening multiple, but there are still those times and you're just like "yay..QQ". Although I do like the deck, I can't imagine taking it to a big event and simply praying to Lady Luck that I don't open awful. I'll patiently wait for the Toronto and various regional results before I continue on with Agents. I think I have a good feeling what I'll be running from now on, but I definitely need to practice with the deck.

I had wanted to play on Thursday and this weekend as well, but Trong said that Uncle's will still be going by the old/current list. This absolutely disgusted me because all it does is hold a playerbase back - what the hell's the point of playing/practicing for an old format especially when the new list is official on the Konami site? I guess when your maindecks are Dino Rabbit (even though Rabbit is still good) and Chaos Dragon (local players should know who I'm referencing now), I guess you have all the reason in the world to keep going by the old list. Fuck the players though, as long as you can run your decks at full potential right? I had a lot of pride in knowing that Gamer's Haven was holding the first tournament in the area using the new list - too bad not many showed up. September 2nd, Northtown, I'm gunnin' for ya and I'm hoping to bring friends :)

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