Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Worlds, Banlist, Locals

Since my last post, I've been patiently (sort of) waiting for the list and just trying to ride out the format. It's crazy how much effort people put into fake lists this time around; I just don't get it - do people seriously have nothing better to do with their time? Even Worlds was an avenue for fake list promotion, I just don't get why Konami can't release the list like 3 weeks prior to the 1st, especially with the fact that YCS Toronto is on the 1st. There are just so many ridiculous things when it comes to this game, including Worlds. I didn't watch a whole lot of it since at the end of the day it's a one-weekend format tourney that doesn't impact anyone besides the competitors there. The deck choices of the US team were rather surprising, but I guess they went with their gut and chose to go "against the grain" of what everyone else would most likely be running and siding for. I heard about the whole Jarel incident, and watched the very sad ending of the Dragon Duel final. That feeling of helplessness is seen throughout in a lot of aspects of this format, and I hope Konami realizes the shit they're doing to this game is plain wrong. As long as they make a buck though, it doesn't matter. All we'll get is this cycle of "good first half crap last half" stuff, with sometimes it being more like "good first quarter crap last three-quarters." Like I said in a previous post, how much I play in this next format will depend on if they actually hit the problems, at least a portion, that everyone's been talking about for like the last 9 months.

As for ban list, I'm hoping "the Satoshi list" turns out to be the real one, who knows if it's the actual list though until we get the scans. I've resisted all urges in posting the previous lists that have sprung up, simply because there just wasn't enough proof in any of them so far. Only like 4-7 days!

I actually played at Valley Uncle's today, still lovin' my Wind-Up deck but I can admit the shit's too stupid if you can loop for 4 cards turn 1. I never draw Pot of Avarice and generally draw poorly (open Tour Bus all day), so I'm thankful if I can loop for 4.

There is supposed to be a box tourney tomorrow at Gamer's Haven, but it may be a "tin tourney" if they have the new tins in. It'll all depend on how many people come, but just thought I'd try to get the message out there for a potential box/tin tourney (Advanced).

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