Thursday, March 15, 2012

Confidence, What a World of Difference

An article from none other than Team O's captain, Danny:
How should I begin? Well my confidence came back to me on a Tuesday morning when my work manager Michelle and I had a long and brutal conversation (not as bad as I'm putting it lol). She is very sweet and very cute but she can get to the point very quickly. I'm like super negative at times and I believe that it has a lot to do with me and having such a hard time in Yugioh, work, and all other life experiences. My negativity had such an impact on my life that now I'm ready to face it and steamroll it into the ground at this point. Michelle told me that every negative reaction to a bad situation that you have has no control on the outcomes for the things you do and are responsible for. Believe me, I fought this back and forth with Michelle. She is an amazing person and at the end of the conversation, she had won it and there goes me being dominated by a woman once again. So I agreed to remain positive no matter what the outcome of any situation, and here is how I apply it to Yugioh.

For the longest time, challenges became hard to face because I'm the kind of person who always wants to win; to remain dominant, to never lose no matter what situation is. When it comes to free dueling, I will only play people who either don't take it as they just "beat Danny the god of Yugioh" when they win, or put myself in a situation where where the deck I was facing wouldn't dominate mine as badly. So what that did was give me a false sense of confidence thinking my deck was good, but this didn't really prepare me the way I needed. Even if you win a hundred practice matches, are you really winning? That's what I figured out from my good teammate Link. He helped me, along with others, realize that I need to face all challenges as if I was gonna win or at least be happy with the results and understand that I did everything that I could have done and there's nothing more I could have done besides practice more, make adjustments, and read up on the meta. I honestly feel I have gotten better and realize that many players make mistakes. Once I see the opening I need to capitalize on it.

At the last box tournament I went to, I got into the top 4 out of 28 and won 5 Special Editions of Order of Chaos. This made me feel really good about myself, spending $10 to get back $50 in prizing sounds really productive, if I say so myself. I am ready to face all challenges and can't wait to tell you about the tournaments I win in the future. My confidence is back and I plan on applying it to every aspect of my life. When you do good at work, you go home happy. When you win you're happy, and when you're happy with your results you're happy, so just remain positive and good things will happen.

So in conclusion, face all challenges, prepare yourself the right way and always be happy with your results, especially if you feel that you gave it your all. I can't stress that enough and if I make top 4 for the next 20 tourneys I will love it but my ultimate goal is to always be positive.

So this is Danny your team captain, taking one tourney at a time. Remember, Team Overload, baby!

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