Saturday, March 10, 2012

ORCS SE Box Tourney Final Reminder + Explanations

So I decided to stop by Uncle's today since they still hadn't called me about my 3/4 box. The owner was there and I was just like "just thought I'd stop by and try to get an update" and he said they were still currently in transit. His guess was that they'd be there by Monday and would let me know, but we shall see.

After that, Danny and I rode out to Lightning just to hang out a bit and I used up the last of my store credit to buy 3 ORCS SEs (only pulled Zenmaioh). We originally went to trade but I just wasn't feeling up to it since I figured most everyone would be at the box tourney tomorrow. Also since the tourney is tomorrow, this will be the final reminder that it starts at 1pm at Gamer's Haven in the Valley. Tomorrow is Daylight Savings time as well! I will probably show up around 11AM. Danny is wanting to do a few side events so that more people (like perhaps the younger kids) had a chance to win things and came away with at least something. Stuff like GS4 mats, cards, etc. We want everyone to have an enjoyable time and to keep coming back to Gamer's Haven for locals. For Spokane, Gamer's Haven should be the place for Yugioh. I'm willing to give my STOR sneak mat and a 2-page Monster Binder as prizing for side events as well.

Lightning surprisingly had 18 show up for their tourney, but since I had to be home by 4, Danny and I didn't enter. It's just so freaking random as to when people decide they want to play. I saw quite a number of new faces. One week it's 16 with half the attendance being Team O, then the next it's 18 with only 2 Team O members. Like wtf?? lol. And no, it's not a case of "oh those guys aren't playing this week so we should enter the tourney."

After speaking to Danny, I just wanted to clarify a few things regarding a few aspects about last Monday's Uncle's box tourney to the local players, whoever happens to read the blog:

- Losing to Trevor in swiss did make me salty, but only in regards to how our game 3 ended. I've played the game long enough to the point that a fair loss isn't something I dwell on anymore. If I don't draw Maxx C or Veiler game 1 and lose, well that's the format. If I lose cuz I simply got out-played, that's fine; I need to improve or learn my match-up better. If I lose after having complete control of the game but lose cuz of that one topdeck, well ya I'm gonna be salty about it and anybody else would as well. Against Inzektor, a late-game state of 2700 beater (Gorz), Stardust, and a set Fiendish Chain vs 2 cards-in-hand to a topdeck'd 3rd should be game in all normal circumstances. His Heavy baited my Stardust, and the normal-summoned Dragonfly baited my Fiendish. So besides Reborn, BLS (which I don't think his deck ran), or DAD (which I think he had too many darks), the probability to draw a live out at that specific moment was very low, since I would've had game next turn. I can't even think of another freshly-drawn card that'd be in his deck besides those 3 that would've outright won him the game like it did. It's basically the equivalent of river'ing that one-copy-in-the-deck card to win in poker. It's happened for me and against me, that's just the nature of the game sometimes. So I don't want people to have some sort of impression that I just outright got dominated or something. If I did get dominated, I probably wouldn't be salty about it in the first place. I'd just be like holy shit I have a lot of room to improve.

- I decided to scoop (which in essence was an even split since I sold the mat for $35) in the final solely because it was almost 10 and the wife was going ballistic. Outside of Alan and maybe Danny, no one knows what it's like to have a spouse that completely controls what you do, when you do it, and how. I can't afford to take big risks because that may mean I'm no longer involved in the game. At all. I'm not going to risk her getting completely mad at me, becoming suspicious and finding my cards somehow, her throwing away all my shit and me being on complete lockdown, just for some satisfaction of playing out one more round to be some "big victor" of the poorly-ran, poorly-planned, spur-of-the-moment box tourney that started an hour late. It wasn't an issue of me being scared or lacking confidence or anything like that. I'll play my 100% against anyone and everyone. I've played for cards before in Sam format using GK's with no Duality or Warnings, so clearly I'm not afraid to lay it out on the line lol. In fact sometimes I'm occasionally like "anybody wanna play for cards or cash?", but no one wants to so I've just kinda given up on that whole bit. If you want to play in a money match though, by all means please come hit me up. Trust me, I wanted to finish out the tourney as much as anyone regardless of how tired I was, but in some situations, it's just not up to me. It's too crucial that I maintain a fine balance between "keeping the peace/her happy" and doing what I want to do. It was a feat in and of itself that I was at the box tourney in the first place. No one that's never been married before can know what it's like, because girlfriends for the most part are super supportive and all that. That's easy-street. If they piss you off you can break up with them and not lose half of everything that you own. Wait till you get married.

- Yes, I should've just given Nate the win if I knew I wasn't going to play it out in the finals. That was my bad, and I honestly just didn't think about it. It was late, I'm up early every morning of the week, stressed over homework, wife on my back, frustrated they didn't have any freakin packs for prizes, so I wasn't exactly in a clear state of mind. At the same time, I'm not gonna minus myself $75 worth of prize support when the primary reason I went to the box tourney at all, and why I play this game in general, is to plus. Some people are so cutthroat they don't even want to split at all, so it's kinda hypocritical to expect me to go from getting ~$100 worth of prizes and get "2nd", to getting ~$25 and take 4th (cuz I doubt that Troung kid would've offered to split with me - and I had to go, so by default I would've gotten 4th).

See y'all tomorrow, should be a fun event!

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