Sunday, March 25, 2012

Updates + DW Takes Long Beach

I apologize for the lack of posts this past week, as I have been rather busy with other projects and tasks. This weekend I've started to work on writing a comprehensive book/paper/manual on how to make money off Yugioh. I'm currently at about 9 single-spaced pages, with a little over 7000 words. I am not certain if this work will ever be seen by anyone's eyes beyond my own, but it is something I'm considering. If anything, it's just a fun way to put all my thoughts down in written form. It may be something I pass down if I ever have to relocate again or retire from the game completely.

Well congrats to Michael Balan who just won YCS Long Beach with Darkworld. The top 4 was DW, Rabbit, Heroes, and Chaos Piper. Never woulda expected DW and Piper to make it so far!

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  1. Deck List of Chaos piper? Pls, need it to see if I can improve mine's :)