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ORCS Box Tourney Report 3-5-2012; Uncle's Games (Valley)

I check the tracking info for my ORCS SE boxes yesterday and notice that the delivery had been upped by a day so that they'd come in yesterday rather than today, which was when they were originally scheduled for. So the plan was for me to wait til they got delivered to Danny's (yea I get my boxes delivered to Danny's address) and then I'd come over and we could open the boxes and playtest and whatnot. Dwight also was going to borrow my Wind-Ups so I had to find a non-TGU build for him, I did, so I built it up and then made a few tweaks to my deck to include the Veilers that I'd be getting later. More time passes and it gets to be around 2:30pm and the boxes still haven't been delivered, I'm like screw waiting around since I also had to run an errand to do some grocery shopping and pick up my Troll and Toad order from my post office. Once I'm almost at the PO Danny texts me and says the boxes came, so I go there right after dropping groceries off and I get there around 3:40 or so. I had told Dwight that I'd meet him at like 4:20 so he could go over the deck and make tweaks to it and whatnot, so all I really had time to do was open all the SEs to pull the Veilers and head out. We open all the SEs and I end up with 24 Veiler and 26 Ra. I give Danny a set of each and I head over to Uncle's. Nate calls me to make sure I'm still coming, I'm like I'll be there in a few.

Surprisingly there were like 9 other people there already and I'd make the 10 they needed to hold the tourney. I sit down and pull out my stack of Veilers, ask Carl if he's cool with me running them since I got them a day earlier, and he's like sure. So I put in my 3 and then grab the deck for Dwight and I go over what I had for the extra and show him the main and stuff. He makes a few changes which I have no problem with. A few people ask if I'd trade my Veilers, I'm like sure. I think I only have like 9 left for trade, so I got rid of quite a few of them.

So right around 4:50 I go to pay and enter the tourney, and apparently the entry is $15 instead of the $10 that the majority of everyone there thought it was. For some reason Shiggs knew it was $15 lol. I'm just like alright so I pay the extra 5 but Dwight only has 14 and Roy doesn't feel like paying $15 considering he was running an Inzektor deck that he hasn't been able to test yet. Carl ends up giving Dwight the dollar and Roy $5 so they can both enter. Corey, Trevor and Aaron show up a bit later and then a few other people. It takes quite a while to get the tourney started, I think it started around 6 and attendance was 15.

Round 1 vs Schroeder (Inzektor)
Before the match Carl hands everyone 2 packs of PHSW, Troung pulls a Dolkka and Corey wants it. I tell him he's pretty hard to trade with since he tends to over-value all his stuff.
Game 1 - I hit early with Dragonfly and Centipede, I search the Gigamantis since I have a Dragonfly in hand, and next turn I OTK.
Game 2 - He hits me for 2600 early but I stabilize and towards the end all he has are hand-trap monsters which don't help him at that stage in the game.
Record: 1-0

Afterwards Troung comes over and Corey offers to buy the Dolkka, he asks how much, and he says $20 (!!!). So much for knowing the values. I'm internally raging because again I didn't bring extra money, Corey's like "sure" and that's pretty much a free $45 plus. Corey gives me the "wow I can't believe this just happened" look and I just smile and chuckle, trying not to give away to Troung that it was a bad deal. I always hate when people cock-block my trades/buys, so I wasn't gonna do that to Corey. That'd just be a dick move lol.

Round 2 vs Aaron (Darkworld)
Game 1 - He uses Trance Archfiend to get some special summons and draws going and hits me for a good amount. I get lucky with resolving Storm and re-stabilize while he is down to topping.
Game 2 - I think this was the game he MST'd my MST which I used to destroy his Gates. Late game he sets Morphing Jar but I just pop it and go for the win.
Record: 2-0

Danny shows up right when round 3 starts. I think it was in between this round where Trevor went to buy like $27 worth of Pokemon packs, is like "I hope the Mewtwo (or Mew? no clue) hasn't been pulled yet," doesn't pull it, and then the worker guy is like "oh it's already been pulled." Trevor comes back to tell Aaron and Corey what happened, I overhear the story, and we're all like wow that's f-ed. I understand from a business perspective to do that, but at the same time that completely shuts away customers from ever buying again. I wouldn't buy loose boosters if I knew that's the way they were gonna do things, but then again I never buy loose boosters at all lol.

Round 3 vs Trevor (Wind-Up Inzektor)
Game 1 - He wins the di roll, I don't have Maxx C or Veiler in hand I think he went Rat Shark Instant Fusion and loops me for 3 cards. I try to re-stabilize but he Inzektor pops whatever I try to get on the field.
Game 2 - He's out of cards early and I ride an early BLS backed by handtraps to win.
Game 3 - This is pretty back and forth and we grind it out. The late-game state is my Gorz, Stardust that I bring out via token+Veiler, a set Fiendish Chain, and Reborn in hand. I could've Reborn'd a Veiler in grave and kept the Veiler in hand, but I thought the Reborn would be more useful if he somehow gets rid of my field. I figured I was in a pretty good state with Stardust and Chain set. He has 2 in hand and lp's are 3000 (me) to 3800. He draws, plays Heavy Storm, which I think about but end up negating with Stardust. He summons Dragonfly, which I Chain. Then he plays top-decked Reborn on his other Dragonfly, and with the pops, that was game. It was a good game but I admit was pretty salty with how it ended. Had I kept the Veiler rather than Reborn, I may have been able to play out of it but I'd still be in a bad spot since he would've just XYZ'd for Golem to run over Gorz, then I'd just have Stardust to defend a turn, and I would've had to drawn into an answer.
Record: 2-1

So at this point it's like 8:30 and the store is supposed to close at 9. I finally get to see Paul's (Blood Mefist guy) Blood Mefist, it was Super but cool to see nonetheless. Paul has actually been doing a good thing for the community by pumping in competitive cards to our meta, a lot like what I used to do in Texas. I think he's the primary reason more people have Tour Guides, Maxx C's, Zenmaines, and more competitive cards in general now. It's a cool move and everyone benefits from it. 

Round 4 vs Roy (Inzektor)
Game 1 - He gets me pretty low but after a massive Maxx C I draw to like 10 in hand, then I go off. After my initial field of Leviathan, Giga-Brilliant and like Hornet get destroyed, I go into 2 Dragonflys, DAD, and BLS ftw.
Game 2 - I don't remember this game but it was grindy and he takes it with 1000lp remaining.
Game 3 - We're both basically down to topdecking and he's like setting DD Crows and stuff to survive. I end up tributing my Acid Golem to summon Giga-Mantis, which actually ends up going for game over the next few turns. I top into Dragonfly to get rid of his set monster for game.
Record: 3-1

At first the store decided that they'd just end the tourney, and everyone was pissed except Trevor who was undefeated. I figured this would happen since the tourney got started so late, but to be fair these types of tourneys need to be top X playoffs so it doesn't completely become a "who gets paired against who" and "one loss you're out" kind of thing. The store decides they'd do a top 4 after all but they'd close the register so if someone wanted to buy something they'd have to do it now.

Top 4 is Trevor (Wind-Up Inzektor), Me (Inzektor), Nate (Inzektor), and Troung (TG with Junk? no idea really). Naturally Nate and I get paired against each other.

Top 4 vs Nate (Inzektor)
Game 1 - I Giga-Mantis OTK early on.
Game 2 - This one goes down to the wire and life is 1900-700. A lot of handtraps are played, and I Crow'd his Hornet early on and I never drew into it, and he didn't draw into a second one. The final turn is his Centipede+Hornet equipped with no cards in hand to my in-hand Foolish and no field. Roy saw me draw it last turn and was like "yea I don't like that card." I draw into Dragonfly, and with Foolish, that was game for me.
Record: 4-1

So I watch Trevor and Troung finish it up and Trevor expectedly wins. At this point it's 9:45pm and the wife's freaking out at me asking when I'd be back home. The prize layout was a box for first plus a 2-player ORCS mat, second gets 3/4 of a box, 3rd gets 12 packs, and 4th gets 6. I ask if he was cool with me scooping for the 3/4 box but if I got the 2-player mat. He doesn't care about the mat so he's fine with it. I tell Carl and he doesn't have a problem with it either. Sweet, I can finally leave lol. So it becomes revealed that the store doesn't actually have any boxes to give out as prizes, I guess the order just went in earlier that day, so their plan was that they'd hand us giftcards and had us fill out a slip so they'd call us when the boxes came in. We're all just like :/ wtf and Aaron was basically like that's ridiculous, how can you not have the actual boxes for prizes at a box tourney. Trevor is just like "can I just use the store credit to buy something else?" so he gets a box of Pokemon I believe. I'm just cracking up cuz the whole situation was rather ridiculous, I didn't care either way since I live fairly close and all, but yea, the whole thing was just kind of bizarre. Who runs a box tourney and not have the box prize? lol. We will have plenty of boxes at the Haven's box tourney so we won't be doing any of that kinda BS, and it is and will stick to being $10 entry. With top 8 playoff. No shenanigans. 

I watch Nate and Troung play the first game which Nate wins, and I have to leave so I say goodbyes, thank Carl for hosting and running the tourney, and am out. I call Danny and tell him that I scooped cuz the value between 3/4 box + mat and a whole box was pretty much the same, and about the whole no-prizes-yet thing. Hopefully I pull something worthwhile out of my 18 packs, whenever it gets here lol. I still have to open the 5 SE boxes worth of packs, so it's not like I won't have plenty of ORCS stuff though.

Decklist: 41
Monsters: 21
10 Bugs
3 Maxx C
3 Veiler
1 Tomato
1 Sangan
1 Reaper

Spells: 11
2 Duality
1 Hole
1 Heavy
1 Reborn
1 Allure
1 Book
1 Foolish

Traps: 9
2 Call
2 Fiendish
2 Warning
2 Torr
1 Judgment

Same as Sunday tourney

2 Snowman
1 Ryko
2 Smashing
2 Crow
1 Mind
1 Gorz
1 Compulse
1 Bottomless
1 Mirror Force
1 D-Prison
2 TKing

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