Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moving Forward

I know the past few posts have been kinda dreary/drama-laden and mostly about box tourney talk, and I kinda want to "re-generalize" the blog again to what it used to be. I may cut down on the overall length of posts but I'd like to post more frequently again. Speaking locally, what's done is done and I am at peace with knowing I'm not going to be putting 60+ miles on my car on Saturdays anymore.

It's been forever and a half since I did a "Market Analysis" post, so perhaps I'll try and put one up here soon. To be honest, Pojo's Profiting thread in the Card Collecting forum, and DGz's General Finance thread in General Groundz, are my go-to places when I'm trying to find info on the current market and what may potentially rise/drop in the future. Sometimes it's full of "pulling this out my ass" kind of insight, but there are people that post that know what they're doing and do it well.

Uncle's finally called me earlier today, so I picked up my 18 packs of ORCS from the prizing for their box tourney. It's kinda funny how the gift card they gave me to give back to them was for $78 (4.33 * 18 = ~78) and all that covers is 18 packs since they charge for full retail + tax. I got my SE boxes for $62 each, and that's 30 packs plus 5 Veilers. 18 for $78, or 30 for $62... this is why people don't (or at least shouldn't) buy loose packs lol. My pulls were fairly decent though, with Exa-Beetle, Giga-Mantis, Zenmaity, Hornet, Blade Armor Ninja, Ninjitsu Art of Super-Trans, and an Armor Blast. There should only be like 2 holos left in that box.

Speaking of Blade Armor Ninja, for the longest time now, I've wanted to run some kind of Hero variant but would always trade/sell away any copies of The Shining I'd get, simply because I knew it'd have to be reprinted sooner than later for Europe legalization. The Shining reprint tin comes out next week, and I've picked up all the available fusions, so it may be something I finally get to run. MegaCapitalG's latest video also really intrigued me to the deck as well.

My homework load is crazy right now so I'm going to be taking this week off playing in tourneys. Next week, finals week, should actually be pretty lax so I'll be playing in as many tourneys I can during that week and the following week, spring break. As oddly excited I am to play in Brandon's Traditional tourney again, Portland regionals is going to be here in a flash so we as a team need to push forward with testing so we can top this bitch.

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