Thursday, March 8, 2012

ORCS SE Box Tourney Reminder #1

For the Northwest-based readers, this is a friendly reminder about the Order of Chaos SE box tourney that is going down this Sunday at Gamer's Haven at 1PM. Also don't forget that Sunday is Daylight Saving Time as well; we wouldn't want half the people to show up on time and the rest showing up an hour late lol. If you want the details again, or are just too lazy to navigate to the flier, it can be found at this link. Hope to see the entire Spokane-area playerbase there! Danny told me that Bob put a fan in the upstairs gaming room, hopefully it's some kind of AC unit rather than just a run-of-the-mill fan, cuz one fan ain't gonna cool that whole room lol. The problem with fans is they usually just tend to blow around the existing warm air, especially in a room with no windows. Better than nothing I know, but if it's too uncomfortable people just won't tolerate it for too long. It's only March as well, so it's not exactly hot outside yet. I'd hate to imagine what it'd be like in the middle of August with no AC.

So far, out of 64 Special Editions, I have yet to pull a Zenmaity, Shark, or Zektcaliber (it's cheap but I need 2 more, was hoping to just pull them). It seems like Secrets come 2 per SE box now as well, which is sort of interesting. Perhaps it is their way of dealing with the inflated values on the secondary market. Too bad ORCS doesn't have as good of Secrets as PHSW does.

Still waiting to hear from Uncle's regarding my 18 packs I won, hopefully they get them in tomorrow.

I've also decided I need to have more in the side for the Inzektor mirror match, because the deck is gaining popularity in our area as I predicted. Having a couple DD Crows isn't cutting it.

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  1. Enemy Controller for the Inzektor mirror is pretty good.