Thursday, December 1, 2011

All Aboard the Tour Bus Express! + Team O Blog vs LFNandYGO

I found it kinda funny that right after I did a post about product updates, more updates came out on the same day, at least the official product pages for ORCS and Ra Yellow. I think it's cool they made Gallis a common in it and still left T-King a common as well; I dunno how much easier it'll be to pull them though. Should be decent though since they cut the set by more than half. The ORCS product page has the community swirling with speculation, mostly for the new "Tour Bus from the Underworld" card. There are some speculative/troll effects, but nothing official at all in the slightest. It's still a 3-star 1000/1000 fiend, so can be fetched by Guide, unless the card specifically says it can't be special summoned or something. It would just suck if it said "this card can't be used as an XYZ material" lol. Many are also speculating/hoping that this will lead to the reprint of Tour Guide so Tour Bus can be the new card that "everyone needs", but I still don't think it'll be an ORCS SE promo. This may mean that Sangan will get banned so Tour Bus could serve the purpose of being another Guide target, but who knows. I still believe Japan controls the list for the most part, and they don't have Tour Guide shenanigans over there. I don't think Guide will get hit before it ever gets released in Japan. If Sangan got banned, then we'd theoretically have Tour Bus as a replacement target.

So last night I had a very good match against none other than LFN on DN. I noticed he was on so I sent him a quick message asking if he'd like to play and he obliged. I used my Karakuri and he used a deck with Stratos, Diva and Lost Blue Breaker, some D-Heroes, and a lotta Thunder Kings. I think he had 5 in the deck lol jk. Game 1 was very back and forth; sometimes I'd be plus a little, and then it'd swing back to his favor, eventually he was like +3 on me and I had to Reborn his Gorz to make any kind of play. I had to minus myself for the T-Kings he had and bait them out by synchro'ing thoughout the game. I figured he had me but I just kept on and tried to ignore how plus he was on me. In the end, he out-advantaged me but I out-damaged him so I took that one. Game 2 at the end my hand was Komachi, Kuick, and Maxx C, he brings out BLS to clear my field then summons Diva so I Maxx C. He forgot he sided out his LBB so he goes for the 2nd Diva and then into Gachi. Burei into Kuick and changing Gachi to atk mode gave me the win next turn. I can't recall the last time I had such a back-and-forth match though, holy sweat - was fun!

I've been getting a kick out of watching Jarel "Pro" Winston's "Pro"File videos on Youtube the past few days. It's actually pretty cool that he has these big-name guys to do interviews with. I don't mean to sound racist, but it's just funny to me cuz he's so black and the guys he interviews are so white. He does his "What's good youtube ishhh yo boy Pro Winston" thing, I'm sitting here cracking up and some of the players (like Dale and Robert) are all straight-faced, which cracks me up even more. All the other interviews I've seen with some of these guys are either just deck profiles, or these little 2-3 minute videos that don't amount to anything so it's nice seeing his 13+ minute interview videos.

I decided I needed to pick up some System Downs in the event that Karakuri becomes more popular in our area. I don't think I've ever owned any actually. Maybe I have some in my binder and don't even know about it; it's been so long since I've looked through my stuff lol. I used to play Gadgets a lot back in the day but was never that afraid of System Down since all my Gadgets maintained advantage, but I think it's more detrimental against Karakuri. Danny said he'd give me 2 so that's very cool of him and lucky for me :) Tomorrow I'll stop by his place to pick up my things and prepare for Saturday's tourney, dunno if we'll have time to do any testing though. As of now I'm satisfied with my main Monster and Spell line-up for the deck, while I'm still unsettled on Traps. I'll post the list with my tourney report like I always do.


  1. Yep, was testing a deck requested by "EmberthePhoenix" on youtube lol

    Thanks for helping me realize it's not that good :(
    I later got locked down by KKM Drago and got my shit pushed in LOL

  2. @LFN: What is your main deck? I'd like to play against you with it sometime.