Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wow Computer Viruses Suck...

So the past day and a half I've been battling the "XP Home Security 2012" virus on my desktop (yes, which I still run XP on. It's old.). It all started when my wife told me that I should consider making a LinkedIn account. I was like alright. Later on I check my hotmail's spam folder and notice I got a thing that said someone sent me a message via LinkedIn. I thought maybe it was an invitation e-mail or something so I opened it, clicked the link to view my "message", and sure enough nothing happened. I was just like "great", and pretty much knew what I had walked into. [So no, I didn't get the virus from looking at porn. I think after 15 years of that, I'd have gotten the hang of it by now lol] About an hour later I keep getting pop-ups that say like "your security has been invaded" blah blah blah and this thing pretends to be your Windows Security Alert thing everyone running Windows has. I was still able to use the Internet and all my programs just fine, but I was a little skeptical about someone stealing my information somehow, so I disconnected myself from the Internet and proceeded to use the anti-spyware stuff that I had. I ended up using: AVG, Lavasoft Ad-Aware, SpywareBlaster, Spybot, CCleaner, and ComboFix, both in and out of Safe mode, but nothing was getting rid of this virus. My browsers got to the point where every time I opened them and inputted a URL, the virus had displayed some crap about "it's not safe to go to this site your security could be at risk" and wouldn't let me go anywhere. Last night I was like "alright, I'm just gonna use my laptop and try and find a solution." It was pretty easy to find, as it seems like lots of people have experienced this as well. I downloaded the necessary programs and registry edits that the site recommended and went to bed.

Once I got done with my errands and giving Zach his Rabbit stuff today, I came back and went through the solution that I had found the night before. At the end of that series of steps and with a download of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (huge shout-outs), I had finally gotten rid of the virus, but now none (or very few) of my executable (exe) files would work, even in Safe mode! I couldn't run Firefox, command prompt, regedit, or even msconfig. SO, again I went on my laptop to try and find a solution to my new problem of not being able to open any exe files. Once again I found a registry edit, loaded it into my registry, and with a reboot my computer is now finally fixed. A lot can happen with one simple click of a link, holy cow. All this time I was gonna put toward testing on DN too, what a shame lol.

These people that spend their time writing these things piss me off so much, it's not like I'm going to be dumb enough to put in my credit card info and buy this fake software that's telling me I have a privacy invasion when clearly the program itself is the problem. Unfortunately lots of people get sucked into these kinds of things, the virus isn't gonna go away, they gave their info to some entity thinking they were buying this software to get rid of the problem, they're probably gonna have to pay someone to fix their computer, and now they have to deal with the hassle of calling their credit card companies just in case.

Looks like nothing much has happened in Yugz between my last post and this one; no ORCS SE info, no Turbo 7 reveals, nothin'. Langbanger mentioned on DGz that the turbo pack may be in stores this weekend, so that'd be cool. Unfortunately I'm probably still not going to be able to get away to play this weekend since it's New Year's and all that but I'm hoping, crossing my fingers, that I'll get to play on Jan 2nd at Northtown. Just to see who all's playing there, how many show up, get some games and trades in, etc. It's been too long and DN only satisfies me to a certain point lol.

Speaking of DN, I eventually want to test Inzektors and Wind-Up hybrids cuz I really don't know how they work specifically. With me, I need to physically test something out before I "get it"; just reading about it (which I've done) doesn't stick with me for some reason. I may get the gist of it, but it's totally different when you're testing something out for reals. Nate's testing with X-Sabers inspired me to build and try out a current meta-oriented Blackwings, but I only got one game in against a guy running GB's, which I had answers for all his plays for the most part. It was fairly back and forth but I was always usually a move ahead in terms of advantage and board presence. I can already pretty much tell that like Sabers, their tools just don't match up to the things available in the current game though, especially when some of their best tools (Whirlwind, Kalut, Gale) are all at 1. They were also one of the decks that hardly got hindered by main-deck Royal Oppression, which is obviously now gone. It's kinda sad cuz they were one of my most favorite decks to play when they were top-tier and they've just kinda faded away into nothing now. Such is the cycle of Yugz, lol.

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