Sunday, December 18, 2011

YCS Brighton Results, TP7, Updates

Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days, between family get-togethers, holiday stuff, and unpacking in general, been totally swamped. Doesn't help that when my wife is on vacation she's pretty much my siamese twin and doesn't let me get any breathing room.

So once again the European coverage is phenomenal, with them putting the decklists up basically right after the event. I couldn't follow the event as closely as I normally do (because of the reasons above obviously) but was able to check on it for a few minutes at a time throughout the weekend. I was surprised to see all of the US players pretty far down on the list at the end of Day 1. I was hoping for "dream matches" like Billy Brake vs Michel Gruner and Alistar vs Claudio in the top 32, but then again I haven't even read any of the matches yet lol.

Dino Rabbit takes 3 out of the top 4 spots, with Water Synchro taking the last. I was very surprised to see this outcome as I was expecting Plants to take it. I'm glad other stuff like Agent, Karakuri, Anti-Meta, and  Chain Burn showed up in the top 16 as well though. All in all it seemed like a good event, but most US players will probably dismiss it by saying like "oh it was just Europe, it doesn't matter". I can agree with that to a certain extent, but you still got some of the best players in the world in Europe and some of the best US guys showed up to play as well, so the results should be seen as relevant. I'm curious to see if the Rabbit decks winning will impact their prices on eBay or not and if the builds that topped will affect what the builds look like over here. In general they're the same, but the overall lack of maindeck D-Fissure is the biggest difference I saw.

I drove past BGN the other day when I had to go run some errands, I noticed they had a sign/post in front of their door like one of the kind that you see for businesses that are for sale. Danny also mentioned like "yea, Board Game's not doing Monday tourneys anymore." I talked to Rob a bit and I was just like "this is ridiculous, Spokane is a bigger city than Coeur d'Alene but I guess we're gonna have to go there if we want to play" which is really sad. Spokane used to be such a great place to play Yugz but slowly but surely it is dying out and it all went down hill because of the way Andrew ran things at Uncle's. On the somewhat bright side, at least it does force players to basically play either at Lightning or Uncle's, which theoretically helps the attendance in either place. Not saying I want Uncle's attendance to go up, but I am in favor of there being fewer places to play. Too bad BGN had to be the one to go. Unfortunately Lightning and Uncle's are weekend tourneys, and not everyone has them off due to work. I think Uncle's has a weekday tourney though, dunno. Not everyone is able to drive/be driven out to CDA as well, so I guess we'll see what happens with Uncle's attendance once they are running tourneys again. At this point I don't really care where I play; I just want TO play, do the best that I can, and represent Team O. That's really about all I or anyone else on the team can do. If I could buy some cheap discounted product from BGN that'd be pretty cool as well lol.

Speaking of product, Turbo Pack 7 has been made official, with a late December/early January release. I don't remember when I predicted this to come out, but now is about the right time since the last one came out in August. I don't think any of the contents have been revealed, but I'm seeing "Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja" make the rounds, most likely as a common (hopefully lol). The new Duelist League cards have some Ninja crap as well, so looks like they're doing what they can to promote ORCS. It'll probably end up being another crappy Turbo Pack but who knows, they may delightfully surprise us. To be honest I'd like it if they just gave us common Sabersaurus and Kabazauls. That way I wouldn't have to order any lol. I bet I'd get my playset of each at the first weekend of release. Or maybe 2nd, since people know they're somewhat sought-after now.

Out of all the decks, Epler wants to build Infernity now. I'd personally wait till a Barrier reprint came out before I went off and decided I'd run Infernity. That and Grepher; that card is long overdue for a reprint and it still has decent value and is hard to find. It hasn't exactly been the top-tier of competitive the past few years, so I'm not sad about it or anything lol. I admire Epler for wanting to running something that's not popular but can also be high-tier. It's not a challenge that I'd personally want to endeavor, and I'd try to hold out for reprints at least until we know what's in ORCS SE, but to each his own.

I got the sketch of our Team O logo from Danny's wife Nat the other day. I'd like to get a chance to take a picture/scan of it and make it the blog's logo before I send it to Mikey to make our team shirts. That reminds me I need to get everyone's sizes.

I noticed the blog finally hit the 10K views mark, and I never would've imagined that we'd get so many. Shout-outs once again to LFN as he was the first blogger to add this blog to his list which led to more site-traffic, more networking, Google search hits, etc. I just wanted to say thanks to anyone and everyone that's read the blog and I hope that you've found some content interesting/entertaining/informative between when I started and now. If I informed you of an upcoming reprint or something and you were able to save some money or profit from it, well I've done what one of my goals are - help you in not getting screwed in the reprint game. I want to thank the readers that view our blog each and every time I post something regardless of what it is. Looking into next year, I'd like to get some of the team to put up content/articles, do more tourney reports, and get up some duel videos. I don't know what a good free recording software/program is, as I'd like to put up some videos of me on DN against some of the team or against my Corpus friends from Team Manifest Destiny, but yea, dunno what people are using.


  1. congrats on the 10,000 pageviews
    In regards to the recording software: do you use a mac or pc cause f you use a mac it comes preinstalled(on the newer ones and you can always update your software for free) on quicktime, it allows you to record what ever is on your screen and of course commentary.
    idk about pc though I only like macs lol

  2. Oh, lol unfortunately I'm the opposite. I was never a fan of that one-button mouse business; how are you supposed to right-click?