Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Week, Moving, and Internal Dilemma

So the past 2 days my wife and I have been making multiple trips back and forth, moving boxes and boxes of our stuff into our new house. This Saturday we're getting a U-Haul to move the larger stuff like couches, beds, tables, desks, and our washer and dryer. Today Sears delivered and installed the fridge we had to buy since the house didn't come with it. I also purchased paint and the necessary tools to do that (she wants to paint like every room before we actually move in), and stuff to build a temporary fence with lattice cuz it's cold as balls around here and we don't want to have to take the dog out every time she needs to go potty. For some reason my right thumb is swollen too, I must've slammed it against a wall or door as I was hauling out or loading a heavy box or something. I'm doing all this while it's also been finals week for me and I have a project due that's due tomorrow night, along with the daily dose of Yugz. So life has been hectic to say the least!

Due to doing our big-stuff move on Saturday, I won't be able to play at Lightning. However chances are good that I can officially switch my go-to local to Board Game Nation; I'm actually already excited about playing there again, this time on a regular basis.

Speaking of playing, I've been having a lot of internal struggle about continuing to play Karakuri. I guess I am still reeling from my loss against Rob from last weekend. I've lost to Rob multiple times so it's not even that, it's the combination of: the complete shut-down that I experienced at the hands of Fossil Dyna, Nate winning the tournament with Jankents, and Cody doing very well at his regional with Jankents as well (although he has 2 Maxx C, while Nate has none). I figure if these guys can do well with janky Agents, surely I can do just as well, if not better, with one running Guides, T-Kings, and the maximum Maxx C count. This was apparent in my multi-week undefeated reports, even though I have to mention I didn't have to play other Team O members lol. For Karakuri to summon a boss monster, it usually requires 2 cards, whether they be Cyber Dragon + Tuner, Komachi + 4-star, or something else of the like. A simple Book of Moon play stops you from getting out your boss monster. In Agents, there are a lot of 1-card boss monsters/outs that only need an Agent or light+dark monsters in the grave, or a simple normal summon of Tour Guide. Compare Burei to Hyperion - they both have great effects, but it's so much easier to plus with Hyperion and Hyperion is basically a 0-card investment (besides itself) while Burei is usually 2. Hyperion is a lot less susceptible to Maxx C as well (unless your opponent Dustshoot'd or just has a very good read). Maxx C can stop the synchro'ing of Burei altogether, and will also most likely stop you from special summoning via its effect. I don't like that.

I also figure, "why not run the damn Tour Guides while I still have them? There are people that would kill (not literally obv) to play them, and here I am, with them, choosing not to run them - how does that make sense?" It's rather pointless to have $450 worth of cards just to not use them, especially when they are just that damn good. Theoretically I should be milking all I can from them. I guess at the end of the day I'd be selling myself out, but realistically, should I even give a crap? It goes back to our team mentality of playing the best with what you got. If you have to build something and own the fancy and efficient tools, it'd be wiser to use them instead of the ol' hammer and nail, right? Yea, I can "prove to myself" that I can do it without the fancy tools, but at the end of the day, what does that buy me other than some sense of self-satisfaction? In Yugz, it doesn't matter if you win with a $100 deck or a $1000 deck; a win is a win, as long as you didn't cheat or something like that. You may get a moment of self-satisfaction from winning with that $100 deck and maybe some "oh snap"s from other people, but the next round or that next weekly tournament will always go on.

So that's what's been going on for me mentally, I dunno, maybe I'll still run Karakuri and just tweak my main and side to not get completely destroyed by Fossil Dyna+backrows lol. Or run Agent for one tourney and Karakuri for the other.

I may not be posting anything for the next few days until I get signed up for internet at our new place, especially since I'm not playing this weekend. I also want to get working on that article for ARG's article contest as well.

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