Thursday, December 8, 2011

Team O Player Interviews - Part 5 (Zach)

Whats good yugioh world, my name is Zach. I've been been playing yugioh since the beginning and a member of team overload since 2007. I've won multiple sneaks and have never done bad at a regional. My best place is ninth (top 8 is for losers).
1. How long have you been playing this game, and when did you start playing competitively?
Since the beginning and started competitively around 07 when I joined team o.

2. What "kind" of player would you consider yourself, or what is your particular play style? Aggressive vs conservative vs mixture, original vs strict net-deck, budget vs "money is no object", bling vs everything common, etc.
Well I'm a tool box player, meaning I love decks that come together with all the above. Aggro, conserv, etc. I've always played blackwing, gbs, things like that. So whatever the deck does I learn it very quickly. I'm currently playing Karakuri and won the first tourney I played it in so.

3. What do your think about net-decking? Does it hurt or help a player's ability to play the game?
Net decking is awesome. It's what makes yugioh go round. It's how us players know what's going on and gives us ideas for our own decks. Without netdecking yugioh would have no consistency. Rob said it best. Good players netdeck and research. Netdecking=Winning.

4. What do you think of the current format? If favorable, what do you like about it? If unfavorable, what is it you don't like about it?
I personally like the format. Cards are expensive but it makes it so good players stay good lol. And I can sell one card and buy a new fitted. And you don't have to play the top deck to win....just one of the top three ha.

5. What is your current main deck and why do you run that deck?
My current deck is Karakuri and I really like it. I don't have tour guides so my team mate Mike said that its the best deck without tgu's. And well it is. Its also the best deck in the format to side with imo.

6. What was the first holo you ever pulled out of a pack?
When I first started I didn't know what packs were so when I did I bought LOD packs and pulled yamata dragon!!! fuck yeah.

7. What is your favorite format/deck of all time?
Tele-dad by far hands down. My deck was like 2000$ or more and I loved the consistency of the deck. Did awesome with it.

8. What do you think of reprints of expensive cards/reprints in general?
Sometimes it pisses me off. But the game needs it so good players with not a lot of cash can still compete.

9. If there was one thing that you could change about the game, what would it be?
I would put the d-draw engine back. And take pointless cards off the ban list.

10. If there was one thing that you could change about your own ability to play, what would it be?
Side decking. I haven't played a full format with the same deck in a while so I have a hard time knowing what to take out of the deck while maintaining synergy in the build.

11. A lot of players online raged at the news that Black Luster Soldier and Heavy Storm were coming off the ban list. How do you currently feel about both of them being back in the game?
People are retarded. Yes he's broke. And you can top it for the W. But you can do that with many cards so who gives a f? Summon BLS...bottomless, warning, torrential, mirror force, d-priz...c'mon guys. He's not going anywhere.

12. Do you think Black Luster Soldier will be re-banned in March? Why/why not?
Refer to question 11.

13. If you could play against any one "pro"/big-name YuGiOh player, who would it be?
I would play Dale Bellido. One pro who doesn't cheat and is a badass..... I love you dale.......

14. What do you think of the current state of Spokane-area (Spokane, Valley, CDA) YuGiOh?
Well imo the best players are located in the west coast. And along with that comes my team who are all really good. Except Epler.

15. If there was one thing that you could say to the Spokane-area playerbase, what would it be?
"We takin over, one tourney at a time"™

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