Thursday, December 22, 2011

Enjoying some freedom, testing, updates

So I'm down visiting my parents and sister in Walla Walla (yes it's a real town) for the next 2 days. My wife stayed home due to her allergy to my parent's cat so this gives me the perfect time to just relax, organize and mess around with my cards, play on DN, and what ever else. I'm gonna hit up the taco wagon tomorrow, as it's the best Mexican food I've ever eaten.

Being in Walla also allows me to pick up any Yugz product I may be interested in, since I can generally find a larger variety of stuff down here since basically no one plays. I remember being able to pick up 3 Machina decks about a year ago, when the decks were really hard to find. I just strolled by Shopko, saw them chillin there, and was like "holy shit" so I bought all 3. This one time at Wal-Mart I picked up a Black Rose tin when those were very scarce too. I went by Shopko and Wal-Mart and picked up 3 STOR SE's from Shopko as they are getting hard to find in Spokane. Pulled a god damn Chaos Hunter. My recent STOR SE bouts I've pulled 2 Golden Apples and the Chaos Hunter. Obviously I'm going to pull all the Secrets besides Maxx C lol. They have a bunch of Duality tins as well, but I'm probably not gonna pick any up since those are still somewhat readily available back home. Duality values haven't really gone anywhere either, so if I were to get a tin it'd still be Warning ones just for the sake of the extra EXVC pack. Also at this point having more Warnings would be more useful for me than Dualitys. Tomorrow I'll hit up Hastings and K-Mart and see if they have any hard-to-find product. Unfortunately there isn't a Target down here :(

So I decided to play around with the XYZ Chaos deck that Evan Vargas posted on his Youtube channel. When I first saw the video I was pretty hyped about it since it seemed pretty solid in theory, so I figured I'd try it out a bit on DN before I ordered the Photon Sabre Tigers and the 1 Snowman Eater I needed to play the deck. Kind of off-topic, but Dragons seem pretty popular on DN nowadays, and of course they always turn 1 Future Fusion. Lightpulsar Dragon is pretty beast too; Snowman Eater doesn't do a whole lot when they're continually recursing Lightpulsar and REDMD's. I consider that OCG though, so talking about that match is rather irrelevant imo. My TCG matches were about even. I got dominated by blackwingEX's DW, but I also sided poorly game 2 and didn't have much for DW in my side in general. The thing I like about the deck is it seems to have a lot of good opening plays and it has the potential to generate a lot of advantage. I think he designed it to primarily be good against the Plant match-up, but of course I don't get to play against any of those. For now I'd like to test the deck a little bit more before I reach a verdict on it, as I'm sure a part of it is just "playing the deck right". But for now I'm not ordering anything for it, regardless of how cheap the Tigers and Snowman may be.

I'm also interested in testing the Six Sam deck that MegaCapitalG posted/profiled on his Youtube. Realistically it's not something I'd play in real life, but on the plus side there's probably no chance that Sams will get hit on the next ban list. Realistically they'd have a much higher chance of get something of theirs back, but who knows what Konami will do. I could see them just leaving Sams where they are so people will just forget about them over time. I think I just need 2 Grandmasters and a Shi En to play that deck in real life but again need to test it to see if the purchase would be worth it.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on scanning the Team O logo pic and uploading it as the new logo for the blog. Hopefully my parent's scanner works decent and it turns out good. I'm excited for team shirts, as that's something we've never had before.

Word on the net is that Tour Bus' effect will be revealed on the 24th, but I haven't been on the forums enough the past few days to see where this info came from or originated. If it's true, I'm guessing it's something Kevin posted on Pojo as I haven't seen anything on the Product or Article pages for Konami.

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  1. appreciate the honorable mention :D

    feel free to hit me with the revised deck, good luck with that!(seemed to lack necessary pressure, i got away with a dead hand for a few turns in game 2)