Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E-Hero Shining Reprint

Just a small post, just noticed that the Premium Collection tin thing got updated with some spoilers.
Confirmed cards include:
E-Hero Shining
Number 34 Terror Byte (Alternate Art)
Meteor Dragon (Normal monster)
Meteor B. Dragon (Fusion)
Ma'at (Effect monster)
Masked Hero Acid (Fusion)
Void Ogre Dragon (Synchro)
Quick-Span Knight (Effect)
Kagemucha Knight (Effect)
Photon Sanctuary (Spell)

Each tin comes with a Shining and Terror Byte guaranteed, along with 4 Secrets and 8 Supers. Set is 23 cards total. Release is March 20.

I guess I ... may pick up one? I've always wanted to play Hero as a fun deck but never bothered trying to get Shinings because I knew it'd eventually be reprinted so that Europe could have a legal version of it to play. Whether I pick up any beyond 1 will probably depend on the rest of the set. I'm guessing it'll be full of random crap though. I may not even bother and just try to pick up Shining as a single.

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  1. Masked Hero Acid is amazing for Hero decks, as well. At spell speed 2 using Mask Change, you can change your Absolute Zero or Bubbleman into a 2600 attack Harpies Feather Duster that also drops the attack of your opponent's monsters. Just ridiculous.