Saturday, January 21, 2012

Upcoming Seattle Regionals...good weather plz?

It's been snowing like crazy here in the Pacific Northwest the past few days, I had to shovel my driveway twice the other day cuz it snowed so much. It's not as bad here as it is in the neighboring areas though, and we didn't even get school cancelled, even though it seems like every other school in the area did lol.

There is an upcoming Regional in Seattle on like the 4th of February. Seems like the team is interested in going and want me to come along (most likely to drive). The problem is that the pass around Seattle is absolutely miserable around this time of year. Looking at Seattle's 10-day forecast though, it seems like mid-40's and rain. If it's like this until the Regional I wouldn't mind going, as rain doesn't bother me all that much. I'm not too sure on the meta though or what to expect. I'm guessing Inzektor and Wind-Up on top of all the other stuff that's been doing good lately like Plants and Rabbit. If I didn't have Veilers for the first two decks, would it even be worth going? Would I just stick with Agents since that's all I've played this format? Would I even have time to learn a new deck even if I wanted? Lots to think about and so little time!

Nate texted me and told me he went 2-0 in all his matches today until the finals against Sjan (silent S) running Inzektor, where he lost 1-2. I guess Big Mike made ORCS legal a few days ahead of time lol. I'm guessing Nate was playing Agent since he texted me questions about Hyperion during the day and commented how Gachi didn't do much against Inzektor. Is the deck as annoying as everyone makes it out to be? I wouldn't know as I haven't played against an "actual" one. I'm looking forward to playing on Monday at Northtown :)

Other than the usual school and work I've been busy selling off Rob's stuff to Troll and ARG. He's not quitting, just wants the extra cash. He has all the Rabbit stuff minus 1 Dolkka and a part of me thinks I should buy it off of him, but I've always been against big purchases so close to a ban list. Speaking of list, we'll probably get our leak in less than a month! I always hate the time period between like Feb/August 13 to the leak because of all the fake scans and "I heard this from this person who knows someone who works for Konami". I'm usually a sucker for the first one that actually looks real. Since I can read Japanese, I can tell when something clearly doesn't match up. I remember seeing a fake one for our current list, all the Japanese matched up, so I thought it was real but turned out it was just another fake. Either way I'm anticipating the list, even though I'm not anticipating having to scour through all the complaints from the forum folk lol.

Oh I've also been working on the "Big Book of Rulings", I've already used about $5 of my university print credit, at 5 cents a page I guess I've printed about 100 pages worth and know I have a lot more to do. I'm probably gonna have to buy a bigger binder lol. I get to the point where I draw a blank about what popular scenarios occur or what card I should look up. I think it's a pretty nifty thing to have though and I know it'll be helpful for us locally since there are a lot of "I'm not sure" replies from our tourney judges.

Anyways that's about it for today. My 3 ORCS boxes should be in by Tuesday, looking forward to that and as stated earlier, Monday tourney. Oh we should be getting our shirts in next week as well :)

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