Monday, January 30, 2012

No Regionals (for me) QQ

Well unfortunately my wife's cousin died of cancer (I think) on Thursday last week, and the funeral is going to be on the same Saturday as regionals so I won't be able to go. The thing that sucks is that the funeral is in Seattle as well, so it's like "hey you've traveled all the way here but you can't play!" And of course I'll have to miss locals and won't be able to do any of my homework - awesome! Hopefully the team will be able to work something out so they can still go to the regional.

As for me, I'm going to continue unloading my extra stuff in anticipation for the ban list. I did just buy 3 Hornets but I may just hold onto them, and just ride the rest of the format out with Inzektor Agents. Now that I think about it, it kinda sounds like a horrible idea since both of those decktypes are probably the most likely candidates to receive hits lol. At least nothing in the Agent line-up is expensive or anything and Hornets aren't $80 Secrets. I got to playtest the deck a little last night against Alan on DN, it always seemed like I'd either draw into just the Inzektor stuff or just the Agent stuff and rarely a mixture. I think I need to tweak the build a little, but I'd also like to try it out in real life once the Hornets arrive to see if it plays out similar to how it has been online. I can admit getting the loop off for the first time was fun, but it's like "holy crap, these things are stupid lol". Kinda crazy to think we'll be getting the actual list in about 2 and a half weeks, and fake leaks in like 2 lol. I think they need to hit Wind-Up Loop but beyond that, I'm not sure if much of anything "needs" to get hit. Then again I haven't played much of the post-ORCS format.

Danny wanted me to mention that he'll be posting a video up on his YouTube sometime in the near future talking about buying collections and that kinda stuff, if anyone was interested in selling off theirs. I'll post a link once it's up.

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