Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post-ORCS Pre-Ban List

This week has been very hectic for me since winter quarter just started up. Usually the first week of school is chill, right? Well for me it's been anything but. One of my professors, who's notorious for large amounts of homework, put up an assignment about a week before the quarter even started, and officially gave it out on the first day of class. Christ, the first day is supposed to be "here's the syllabus, see you tomorrow" kind of thing! His homeworks are hard and time-consuming as well, I've already put in about 12 hours on his first one which I'm still not finished with (due tomorrow) and on Wednesday he put up another larger assignment that's due next Wednesday. Holy hell, so not fair to give us a new one before we're even done with the first one! *sigh*

So luckily I'm gonna be able to sell my 2 Ultra Veilers to Troll for $20 a piece. I'd highly recommend moving them via Troll before they catch on to the reprint announcement, as ARG have already lowered their price dramatically and they're getting hard to move on eBay. It may suck having to wait for the SE release to own any, but money is money and I rather not lose it by holding on to stuff I know is getting reprinted.

I have to applaud Konami for not rarity-bumping the crap out of Inzektors, so I've put in my pre-order for 3 boxes. I don't see it being quite a money set so we're not going to do a joint case like we did for PHSW, but at least there are good cards spread out between the holo rarities. Recent complaints about the sets have been that the only good cards were a couple Ultras and the Secrets, so at least now we have good Supers in the form of Wind-Up Shark and the Inzektor guy, forget which one. There may be more good Supers, I dunno.

As for Wind-Ups, Shark, and the loop, my guess is that the format will be similar to Frog OTK, but now we have Maxx c, so basically open with Veiler/Maxx or lose. From what I can tell the loop deck seems even more consistent now with Shark, so from a business standpoint I think it was smart that they're reprinting Veiler in easy-to-get form, even though we'll get it after the ban list. We may get a crazy month-and-a-half format until the ban list takes care of stuff. I'm not sure if they'll hit Inzektors, but at least they're not too rare so you wouldn't take a hit that badly. Konami has a pretty decent track record of keeping FTK/massive discard type decks in check via ban lists, so if it gets too crazy I'm sure they'll hit it. But, at the same time, they could give justification in not doing anything by saying "what, we gave you easy Veilers. Deal with it. Buy more product."

Either way I'm selling my Wind-Up stuff, namely Hunter, and actually selling off a lot of random extra crap that I don't need. It's about that time of the format to let go of bulk and have funds to get a jump-start for the next list. I just got about $250 from Troll yesterday, and going to be sending them another $270 or more worth of stuff hopefully tomorrow. If Rabbit survives the list that's probably what I'll be picking up when the list is leaked. Until then, I'll probably just ride it out with Agents.

So the Sneak Peek is this weekend, I'll most likely go to Lightning but not sure if I'll be playing in the tourney since my wife is making me be home by 7. I may just go to trade, buy, sell, and playtest. I'd like to have my deck set for Monday's tourney. Speaking of Monday tourney, Danny texted me about the possibility of going back to Uncle's since Link is allowed to play there again and it seems like Andrew has been trying to change his ways. I'll probably see how the Northtown tourney's attendance is; if it's low that's a good indicator that people have gone back to Uncle's.

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