Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Locals Report 1-16-12; Uncle's Games

Earlier in the day I spent quite a bit of time organizing the stuff I bought from Kim and throwing away the shitty rares and commons that I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything with. I also tweaked my deck and caught up on some TV shows. Alan and I decided that we'd try going to Uncle's to see how things were over there. I also wanted to talk to Andrew and see if he'd consider changing the day of his tournament because this whole "all tourneys everywhere are on Monday" thing is just getting ridiculous.

I pick up Alan around 4, grab some Jack in the Box, and he tells me that he's going to play Lancer Frogs and asks if he could borrow 3 Diva. I was like sure. I knew about the deck but didn't really know what it did besides go into Gachi and play Monarchs, he told me what the Lancer guy did and I was like hm seems kinda cool. We get to Uncle's and absolutely no one is there. We're like well we're pretty early so I finish eating and we playtest a little. We play with no side and I think he ends up beating me like 3 out of the 4 games. The deck's plays are so annoying lol. We weren't sure if Ronintoadin and Treeborn started a chain or not though, I text Mikey since he's played Monarchs forever and he says he didn't think so, so that screwed up my attempt at Maxx C plays.

For future reference(s):
Ronintoadin does in fact start a chain: "Ronintoadin has an ignition effect that special summons it. Removing the Frog monster is a cost to activate the effect. DD Crow (and thus also Maxx C) may be chained to that effect and remove Ronintoadin from play (draw in Maxx C's case)."
"When an opponent activates Treeborn Frog's effect, you can chain D. D. Crow in your hand to Frog's effect, since Crow is Chain Link 2 and no other links go on, then Crow will remove Frog and Frog's effect will resolve without effect..."

Basically the problem was him confusing Toad/Frog with something similar to Machina Fortress' summoning condition (which doesn't start a chain).

So anyways, some randoms show up and watch us play. One of the guys asks me if I need a Tour Bus and I'm like sure. He asks if I have a Horn of the Phantom Beast and I'm like "what the hell why is everyone looking for that card now?" Alan and I get done playing and I try to trade with the guys, but the guy with the Tour Bus pretty much only wants cash. I ask him how much and he says $80, we try to come up with a deal throughout the evening but in the end I say no since I figure its value is gonna keep dropping and since I'm getting 3 boxes, if I pull one, I figure I'd probably just be stuck with an extra Bus and one of which I over-paid for. I told him "nah, I'll wait a week for its price to drop in half" lol.

Time goes by and another guy shows up, so there's a whole 6 people and it's pretty much 5:30 at this point. Link calls me and is like "hey if you guys wanna come (to Northtown) you still can" but I tell him no since we wouldn't get there till like 6 and I didn't wanna screw up the whole tempo of the tourney. Turns out all the guys that went to Uncle's last week ended up going back to Northtown. Lol kinda expected that to happen but I told Link to tell them to make up their freakin minds cuz this shit is ridiculous. We end up doing a tourney anyway, as the guy said that he can technically do one with 6. I guess Andrew doesn't run the tourneys anymore as he wasn't there.

Round 1 vs Alan (Lancer Frogs)
So this is like the 3rd tournament in a row where I get paired against a teammate, gotta love these stacked pairings!
Game 1 he opens pretty poorly and just opens with a Poison Draw Frog in attack mode. I Book it and run it over so he doesn't get the draw. After that Hyperion takes control of the game, and I put a Shine Ball in attack mode to bait him to attack it, he does, so I Honest to inflict the last 500 of his LPs.
Game 2 He Caius' my guy but I have Gorz which takes control. The last turn of the game he has a Gachi in def mode with 1 material and 2 cards in hand to my Gorz, token, Gachi w/ 2 materials, Shine Ball, and a set Compulsory and like 3 cards in hand while he's at 6900. I decide to go all-in cuz I don't think he has Gorz, so I Compulsory the Gachi, tribute Ball for Cyber Dragon, special Hyperion, and swing for game.
Record: 1-0

At this point I figure I have the tourney. The problem is though that after round 1 there'll be 3 undefeateds so one person will obviously get down-paired. I joke that if the person that got down-paired loses, well that's pretty much gonna screw tie-breakers and the tourney would also be over after the 2nd round lol.

So I obviously am the one that gets down-paired.
Round 2 vs Carl (Gusto)
I had very little clue as to what this deck tries to do, even after playing against Epler on DN who tried running it.
Game 1 Fairly back in forth in terms of LP count but I get in a few Reaper hits to completely swing advantage in my favor. Late-game Hyperion seals the deal.
Game 2 He uses Bribe to stop a few plays and is actually pretty ahead of me in life but I honestly don't care that much. I Black Horn his synchro and I pretty much win with Gorz and Catastor from there.
Record: 2-0

Round 3 vs James (Fatty Dragons)
I get confused as to what the hell this deck is called now. Hopeless? Disaster? Is there a difference? Whatever it is, it focuses on REDMD and other big dragons (notably Galaxy-Eyes).
I joke with the guy about how every time I play against these decks on DN they always turn 1 Future Fusion and I lose if they do. He's like yea, Future helps a lot.
Game 1 He doesn't get much going as the only minuses on my LP are for 2 Balls via Venus. 2 hits from Venus and then Venus + Hyperion win the game.
Game 2 He opens with REDMD + Galaxy Eyes and I take it all but Gorz out on the Galaxy. From there I Venus for Gachi, bring out Hyperion, and am stabilized. He's down to topdecking tributes and I poke them away with Reaper. Which in hindsight might've not been a good idea cuz all it takes is a recurse of REDMD for him to be back in it.
Record: 3-0

We play a few more casual games since no one else is close to being done and I stomp the guy some more lol. Galaxy Eyes is actually pretty decent since my deck XYZs so much. Pretty much says screw you to Gachi and Zenmaines.

So I win, Alan beats his last round opponent and gets 3rd. He receives 1 pack and pulls a Shard of Greed. I receive 4 packs and pull a Fengshoung or whatever that bird thing is. Sooo awesome lol. Considering there were only 6 people, I thought 4 packs for first was actually pretty decent. I don't think I can keep going to Uncle's though, since if Alan and I hadn't shown up there wouldn't have been a tourney and I doubt Alan would want to come back. Easy competition and good prize support proportionally, but there needs to be enough competition to have a tourney at all. I do a few trades and end up picking up a set of Guaibas for an Ulti Cerato. Guaibas are incredibly hard to find around here so I was happy to obtain 3 all at once. Link texts me later that night and tells me he won, beating Ian in the finals. I think their attendance was 16. Link got $20 in credit for first, so if you compare that value with what I got (basically $16), that's actually in my favor by a lot proportionally.

Decklist: 40
Monsters: 25
3x Hyperion
3x Venus
3x Earth
3x Ball
3x Guide
1x Sangan
2x TKing
1x Honest
2x Reaper
2x Maxx C
1x BLS
1x Gorz

Spells: 7
1x Hole
1x Reborn
1x Heavy
2x MST
1x Book
1x Mind

Traps: 8
1x Dustshoot
1x Torrential
2x Warning
1x Judgment
2x DPrison
1x Bottomless

2x Cydra
1x TKing
1x MST
1x Dust
1x Snowman
2x Black Horn Heaven
2x Compulsory
1x Smashing
2x Fiendish Chain
1x DD Crow
1x Mirror Force

I never realized how much Solemn Judgment was helpful until today. I also realized how much I missed Book. I did miss going Tour Guide into Night Assailant, but my objective was to cut the gimmicky stuff, make it more "stream-lined", and maximize effectiveness while also maintaining 40 cards. After trying out 2 Earth/Hyperion and playing today with 3 of them again, the difference was like night and day. I could consistently drop Hyperion when I wanted, and with the combination of Judgment I was able to Trish more often. I didn't have the problem of drawing into too many Balls, but realistically that's not an issue of the deck but more just about probability and shuffling and whatnot. Either way, I'm liking it.

Last night I thought to myself "so if they hit Agents, how far would they need to go for me to not play it any more?" I decided that if either Earth, Venus, or Hyperion went to 1, wouldn't play it. If either of them went to 2, would probably still play it, but if at least 2 of them went to 2, wouldn't play it.

My hardass professor basically has 4 assignments due between now and Monday, which really sucks. I have work this weekend as well so I won't be playing at Lightning. I apologize that my recent posts have simply been tourney reports, but with trying to keep my New Year's resolution, I guess it just comes with that lol.

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