Thursday, January 12, 2012

ORCS SE Promos Revealed!

So I check the product page this morning as usual, and they finally got the ORCS SE product page up! The promos are: Effect Veiler and The Winged Dragon of Ra.

For the "where's your proof?" peeps:
(Clicking on the site link from the product page sends you to the Samurai Assault page since they have their link wrong. Above is the correct link.)

Sooo relieved that Tour Guide and Maxx C weren't in this lol, as I was seriously contemplating selling both off just because of this SE. These promos still aren't matching people's expectations/desires in things like Scrap Dragon and Fabled Raven, but hey I can appreciate the Veiler reprint as that card will most likely become very important in the upcoming meta. I'm glad I sold off my playset of rares, unfortunately I didn't get rid of my 2 Ultras but perhaps there's still time on eBay before their value plummets. Just a quick post since I literally just saw the news, still planning on writing an "actual" blog entry later today.

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