Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wow, why so serious?

Sorry the first paragraph here isn't YGO related, but a funny thing happened this morning as I was driving to school. There's this girl going like 40mph (in a 55) on the one-lane freeway out to the university. Last night it snowed in our area but I'd say the accumulation is like a whole half inch, if that. Anyways I'm behind her and all the cars ahead of her are long gone. I'm like wtf, seriously? She does the "random slam-on-brakes" move and I'm like oh hell nah and flash my brights at her once. At this point there's like a mile of cars that I could see behind me. We get to where it branches into 3 lanes, 2 going forward and one being a right-turn only. I get into the left and she gets into the turn-only lane and flips me off. I'm like "are you for real??" She's the one driving worse than a grandma and has the gall to flip me off? I flip her off right back and had three-quarters of a notion to go and follow her and tell her she has no idea how to drive, but I decide it's not worth my effort. I get stopped at a red light and this girl pulls up on the right of me with her window rolled down so I do as well, and she's like "I know that bitch, why the hell was she going so slow?" No I'm not into law that much, but I believe Washington State law says that you can technically be given a ticket if you go 15 below the speed limit since you're considered a road hazard at that point. I believe there's also some rule that says if you have more than 8 cars behind you because you're going under the speed limit, you're also considered a road hazard. I'm a firm believer in that I think state driving exams should be much harder, everyone should get their license taken away, and have to pass the harder exam to receive one. Between inherently stupid people and the old people that just can't see for shit anymore, and the truck drivers that just have to pass each other and fuck up the whole rest of the flow of traffic, there's just too many dangers on the road these days.

Anyways, I think I'm finally going to start working on this thing I've been meaning to do for a very long time; that is, what I call "the big book o' rulings". Whenever I go to a tournament it always seems like no one has good enough internet to be able to search for rulings when issues pop up, nor is there a person that's just that good with rulings knowledge. Back when I played in Texas I always used to have print-outs of Pojo Q&A things for things that affected the deck I was playing at the time. When Starlight Road was released, I made sure to have a printout of how it interacted with something like Royal Oppression, because you can believe that that came up a lot! Also if something came up and I didn't know the ruling for it, I made sure to look it up after the tourney and print it out to have for the future. I'm sure everyone's been screwed at some point in time because of ruling disputes and the "judge" not knowing the correct answer. You sit there and are 100% sure you're right, but have no proof to justify your answer. By having print-outs, I could always state to people that at least I had written proof to rationalize my thinking, while they were pretty much talking out their ass.

The past 2 weeks I've even had to explain to people why if Dandylion is used for an XYZ, you still gets tokens if it's detached. Same thing with Tour Bus. People always start off their counter-argument with "But Sangan," it's like uh, no, completely different. Similar issues pop up when opponent has D-Fissure on the field. For these things I'd like to just have a print-out that clearly states what happens and not have to bother trying to explain these things all the time.

I think the biggest downside to the whole UDE -> Konami transition was the loss of the official rulings database that UDE had. Konami does some official rulings for new cards as they get released, but in the majority of cases it's simply not enough. Realistically there are too many intricate interactions between cards for Konami to make a whole database of everything, and since they don't have anything, people usually resort to Wiki or like I mentioned, Pojo Q&A. A lot of people don't take Pojo seriously (and yea, I've gotten to the point where I don't even go into Gossip anymore), but for their Q&A section, I think it gets the job done. If you see an answer to a ruling question by guys like ness00 and Redshift (the only 2 names that come to my mind), then it's most likely safe to say you got your answer. I don't know those people in terms of what their judging credentials are but usually after those people post, that particular thread dies out since no one else needs to answer lol.

My "book o' rulings" will probably just be a 3-ring binder with 26 tabs for each letter, and just putting whatever I find in there accordingly. First things on my list: Reaper vs Compulsory/Brionac, Dandylion/Tour Bus XYZ, various Thunder-King rulings (inherent sp. summons).

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  1. Add to your book of rulings the book of moon vs spirit reaper interaction, people get that one wrong all the time at my locals and regionals, and don't realize that spirit reaper is face down after resolution.