Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So, How 'Bout them Turbo Packz?

As I had expected, stores finally got in their Turbo Pack 7 shipments in and the full spoiler has been revealed. Unfortunately the product page still doesn't have the ORCS SE info that I had hoped for, but hey we can't get all the juicy news at once right? I was at Danny's and Link texted me with the info that Catastor was the Ulti, and about the Super Horn of the Phantom Beast and Pashuul. We were all like "uh, ok I guess?" lol. Here's the full list below (as if you haven't seen it already):

AOJ Catastor

Book of Moon

X-Saber Pashuul
Horn of the Phantom Beast
Yellow Gadget
Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke

Dark Horus
Lightning Warrior
Big Evolution Pill
Primal Seed

Serpent Knight Dragon
Herald of Orange Light
Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn
Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation
Ninjitsu Art of Decoy

I can admit that I wouldn't mind having the Ultra Book and a set of super Horns, and the common Orange is nice, but holy sweat, do they seriously try to make these Turbo Packs bad? I'm curious what the thought process was when they decided on this final list of cards. I'm not the type that was expecting to see Tour Guide or anything like that in this, but couldn't we have had something like rare Black Rose Dragon? Stardust was in the last one, BRD is fairly old now, so seriously, wtf? I thought Turbo Packs were supposed to be geared slightly more toward the competitive players? My guess is that they don't make as much money on these packs as selling regular product like SEs and tins and whatnot and putting in the desired reprints in them, so they've really been skimping on what they've been putting in Turbos pretty much since the very first one. I for one know that I'm not going to be spending any money on this, even if it's a measly $2 (our stores usually give the option of $3 entry for no Turbo, and $5 with). I haven't pulled a holo out of a Turbo Pack since like TU02 anyway, so I'm just gonna say screw it and pass on this one altogether. So much for that!

We had a good time testing at Danny's today. Shiggs ended up showing up so we had 4 people like I had wanted, but we just had one match going on anyway. I started against Shiggs with his Blackwings; he never really got much going or I just had answers to most of his plays. Then Zach used Shiggs' Dark World deck, and that can actually be a hard match-up. His deck didn't run any DW Dealings though, and I think that's seriously one of the best cards in the deck in the first place. Every time I was able to Tour Guide into Night Assailant I did, sometimes I drew into it and simply used its effect, all in all I really liked it and will try it out at this Saturday's tourney. Shiggs left early and the three of us (Danny, Zach, and me) talked about random topics like reprints, ban list, the value in the game, and Zach decided he was going to invest in 3 Tour Guides and gave me his binder so I can sell some stuff off. Then we took Zach home and went back to Danny's. 

Andrew (Uncle's TO) texted Danny and was like "if we increased the prize support would you guys come back?" and Danny and I just looked at each other and were like "uh, probably not". He explained to him that it's not just about the prizes and that kinda stuff, it's about being able to go somewhere where you can ignore all the BS in life for just a few hours, and have fun doing something with people you enjoy being around. When Andrew says stuff like "well if you don't like it, you can just go play somewhere else" it's like a slap in the face when to some, the tournament and Uncle's is like a "home away from home" kinda thing. It's also annoying as hell when you publicly get called out for letting out a curse word from time to time. I understand it's a family game store and it's something most parents don't want their kids being around, but it's not like something like that can't happen at any other business or location. I remember being like 9 years old and my mom and I went to McDonald's this one time, there were these 2 guys at the table next to us and every other word this one guy said was "fuck" or "fuckin'". It's not like someone that works there is going to tell him to stop cursing. Some of us are grown men and we simply don't need to be told to not curse like we were children or something, especially in the manner that he has done in the past. I think Andrew is starting to realize these things now; either that or he's just telling Danny what he thinks he wants to hear so all of us would come back to Uncle's. Either way, looks like he's hurting for attendance so he's reaching out to the team. I think most of the local players are actually gonna stick with Northtown, I'll try and go out there on Monday to see how it is.

So after that, Danny and I tested, with him running Rabbit. I admit that I underestimated that match very much, Laggia and Dolkka are just sick lol. We both agree that if they made a 1950 or 2000 normal dino, the deck would be insane lol (screw you Kaba). I really haven't play against it all that much on DN. Like I've said in the past though, Danny's the only one that has the whole deck so it's not like every other match I play around here is gonna be against Rabbit. Either way I'll have my side prepared for the match-up, <3 u bro :)

Between now and Saturday's tourney, I need to finalize my side-decking strategy a bit more; it's always something I've been weak in and Evan Vargas' video about siding seems very helpful, looking forward to part 2 of it.

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  1. all in all i was highly unimpressed with this pack but the orange is nice.