Monday, February 20, 2012

And We're On!

Well I finally got a chance to catch up with Bob at Gamer's Haven today, and he said everything looks good for the box tournament. I'm really expecting every competitive player in the area who's not obligated by work or some other obligation to show up - not simply for the box tournament itself, nor even as a sign of respect towards me or anything like that, but for the "big picture" goal of finally having a regionals here. I was thinking about it, and a regionals is something we've all wanted to have here for like the past 6 years, but it's never happened for multiple different reasons.

Realistically, Spokane is a much more centrally-located place, even though it may not have the sheer population as compared to Seattle or Portland. Think about the players further out in Idaho and even Montana that could realistically make the drive to Spokane, but can't go further out all the way to the west side. We've already got players in Seattle that said they would be willing to come out here for our regional, whenever we get one. And why wouldn't they, when it simply means another opportunity at an invite? We have a lot of great players in our area, but not everyone can make the trip out to Seattle and Portland and thus they never get the chance to prove themselves on that "higher level". By having a regional here, I'm trying to provide that opportunity for them. This is why it's crucial that at least the locals show up to this box tournament, even if they don't want to play or can't stay long. Come for trades, buys, sells, chill, whatever, but the bottom line is support.

I'm just gonna put this out there and say this (and not directed at anyone in particular) - if I hear/find out that particular people don't come simply because of laziness or lack of overall effort, there's no way in hell I'm going to "hook you up" by buying cards for you online, selling cards for you, or just favors in general. It may sound kinda harsh, but if you can't even come out to help the betterment of Spokane-area Yugioh, I'm not interested in helping you in whatever it may be.

To those that happen to run other tourneys in the area: I'm not trying to "take away" your players. The Haven might be interested, as a business, of course; but I'm not the Haven. I'm simply asking for one weekend day where I can get 100% support from Spokane-area Yugioh to help us get a reg. That's not to say that I wouldn't recommend playing at the Haven though - Bob tends to throw a box worth of prize support for every 10 additional people that show up, at least that's what he's been doing for Magic. You ain't gonna get that at any other local in the entire area. I know I for one am tired of grueling it out for 4+ hours for 3 or 4 packs worth of store credit. I know there are a lot of TO's that would like to have a regional on our side but their stores can't hold the potential amount of players, so at the very least, please don't restrict me from promoting this internally. I know people have their "loyalty" to their store and whatnot, and I get that, but for this, please pick the selfless path of the "greater good". A regionals isn't gonna happen the very next day or anything, but all this will do is help "plant the seeds" of having one in the foreseeable future.

Anyways, here is the official poster/flier for the event. These will start to be distributed to players among the locals. If turnout is good I'd imagine that the prize pool would be increased, but this isn't my call.


  1. wow, that is inspiring... I mean, you even got a ad!

    makes me want to put more effort for the Ketchikan, and in a whole, the Alaska YGOs community.

  2. Thanks, I just want to give what I can to the community and my guys. I also figure it ain't gonna happen on its own, so might as well take the initiative in getting something started to the best of my ability.

  3. That is an awesome poster!! Congrats on what you are doing for your community, its good to see a fellow blogger doing good things for the game we love.