Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not Much Longer

Unfortunately I guess they didn't have a tourney last night at T&M's. Earlier in the day I went over to Danny's to pick up some more money from Shiggs, and Nate and Donut were there as well. We do a few trades and I pick up some Six Sam stuff cuz I kinda want to build the deck now lol. I'm not pursuing it too strongly, but I've gotten to the point where I don't have really anything I'm trying to trade for, so might as well try and build up the deck I suppose. It's not like Sams are going to get hit on the list or anything and it'd be nice just to have another deck built since I've been getting rid of some of my spare decks over the past few weeks.

I was supposed to get a text from Corey if they were going to do a tourney, and I never got a text, so naturally that should mean there was no tourney lol. Nate and Donut went over, and I tried texting them for the longest time to no response, but later Donut replied and said there wasn't a tourney. It's frustrating since the owner had told me they get 12-16+ people, and turns out they haven't actually ran a Wednesday tourney before. When I was there on Tuesday, I asked this random guy and Corey if they actually get this kind of turnout, and they simply shook their head no. I think I asked like 3 times what time I should show up to the tourney, and no one knew. I found that rather odd, but it makes sense now if they haven't actually ran one on Wednesday. I guess I'll have to keep on going to Lightning until more people learn about T&M's.

Last night I picked up 2 packs of Magic-sized sleeves since I ordered a good majority of the cards I needed from Troll to build Gabriel Nieves' UWB build from GP Orlando (is this still called Solar Flare? dunno). I'm not really sure how the game has changed since the new set's release, or if the deck is still relevant, but it was the colors I was originally going for when I first purchased cards, so I figured it'd be the cheapest way for me to get back into the game. At this point I just need to order like 8 lands and I should be good to go. I thought about going UW, but didn't want to buy Snapcasters, Sword of War and Peace, and Geist of Saint Traft; shit's expensive! I wanted to buy some Unhinged lands as well, but those have gone up quite a bit since I last played. Too much for basic land. Maybe I'll pick up the UW stuff at a later point when I get used to the game again and learn more about the new set. I may be able to play as early as the FNM on the 17th.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I'm going to get to play Yugz until the list gets released in Japan. I have work this weekend, Monday evening I have to go get my taxes done, and then the following Saturday is when my wife wanted to celebrate my birthday with me (it's on the 16th, but Thursdays are never convenient). Monday the 20th is a holiday as well, so I'll probably be on lock-down with the wife. By then the list should be known, so yea, no Yugz til the list lol. I've pretty much sold everything that I had ban-list fears about or know that will be in the Extra Pack, so at this point it's a "sit and wait" kinda thing. I wonder how many more fake scans we'll get between now and then?


  1. i know a guy trying to get rid of a snap caster who would probly trade or sell

  2. You want to play sams? Bandwagoner!

  3. Lol I've been a bandwagoner ever since Bazoo Return became a deck.
    Realistically I'll never follow through with it, get like halfway there, and by then it'll be the new format. I've been doing a lot of Magic research the past day and a half. Yugz is on backburner until the list.

  4. MQU: Anything he's looking for in particular or a cash value?