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Locals Report 2-28-2012; T&M Cards ("Traditional")

This also marks my 100th post! Yay. And my Acid Golem finally came in today. Double yay!

At first I hesitated if I wanted to go to Brandon's tourney or not, but in the end decided to cuz I should still be OK on my homework that's due today. I also color-coordinated and alphabetized Brandon's list for him because his was originally hand-written and all kinds of unorganized. I grab the print-out, deck, my other stuff, and leave around 4:30 with his tourney usually starting at 5:30.

I get there and like no one is there, so I just bust out my homework to work on. Eventually Brandon gets there so I show him the list I had typed up for him and he tells me that he changed it and it'd go into effect today, I was like alright well I can update what I got and post a link of it on the blog. Unfortunately they can't get a printout of the new list since the printer is broke and the guy that knows how to fix it is out for dinner or something. We wait till like 6:15, it gets printed out, and the tourney gets started at 6:30.

Note: game write-ups will most likely be short since it's Traditional after all lol.
Attendance was 9, almost half of what it was last week.

Round 1 vs Mike H (Watts?)
Game 1 - I win the die roll and my deck goes FTK. He just stares and is visibly upset (lol sorry bro).
Game 2 - He does some tricks to bring out a turn 1 Vanity's Fiend. I'm just like "...huh. I don't think my deck has a way around that." I play a few draw cards, think about the scenario, pass my turn, think about it some more as he plays some cards, and just scoop it up. I got no way to deal with the Fiend.
Game 3 - I draw into what I need to FTK. He Veilers my Shadowpriestess but I just remove it and Cyber Valley to draw 2, bring it back with Dimension Fusion, and continue with the loop.
Record: 1-0
He goes into the back room and I can hear him complaining about my deck. I go back and agree with him, saying "yea my deck is BS." Don't hate the player, hate the game :) At this point Danny gets there and he looks over the list Brandon made up but doesn't agree with a lot of the stuff that's on/not on there.

I get down-paired since I was the only one that went 2-1.

Round 2 vs Brandon (Disaster Dragon/Dragunity)
Game 1 - I win the die roll but draw into absolute garbage and can't keep the momentum going with my deck. I leave a Cyber Valley on the field and hope I get another turn. He Mind Controls it and goes nutty with big dragons, and OTKs me with REDMD and Trident Dragion or something attacking me twice.
Game 2 - Again I can't FTK but he doesn't OTK me. I draw, nothing helpful, so I have to make a desperate Disc Commander play to draw into something useful, unfortunately I don't so I scoop it up.
Record: 1-1

Losing in the down-pair is pretty much the worst case scenario lol.

Round 3 vs Didn'tCatchYourName (Water?)
Game 1 - I win the die roll and don't have much so I just loop 2 Cyber Valley, a Broww, and Dimension Fusion with a Spell Economics up to stack the Fusion, draw 2, and keep drawing 1 card with each loop iteration to draw into something more useful. I make a crucial misplay in stacking the Fusion, Machine Dup'ing a Cyber Valley to draw faster, and realized I screwed up since I wouldn't have my Dimension Fusion. I try to just dig for it but don't get it, so end my turn with a Dark Voltanis on field. I just hoped that he wouldn't be able to OTK me. All he literally does is set 1 monster, I'm just like sweet and play some more draw cards to draw back into the Dimension Fusion, and correctly loop to finish him off.
Game 2 - He sets a monster and a backrow which ends up being a 7 Tools (absolutely useless since I don't run traps lol). I get the first turn loop off and that's that.
Record: 2-1

At this point they just cut off to top 4 and I don't make it in cuz my down-pair absolutely screwed me. Don't know what everyone played but didn't care too much as I just talked to Danny, did some more homework , and trades.

This kid asks me if I could play him, I'm just like sure, and I FTK each game we play except in the ones where he was like "aw come on, give me just one turn" lol. I oblige, leaving him at like 600 or 800 life, he doesn't do anything to prevent the last bit of damage the next turn lol.

Decklist: 40
Monsters: 12
3 Cyber Valley
3 Broww
2 Darklord Zerato
1 Dark Voltanis
1 DMoC
1 Shadowpriestess of Ohm
1 D-Hero Disc Commander

Spells: 28
3 Upstart Goblin
3 Into the Void
3 Trade-In
3 Hand Destruction
3 Dark World Dealings
3 Machine Duplication
2 Spell Economics
1 Card Destruction
1 Dimension Fusion
1 Graceful Charity
1 Painful Choice
1 Monster Reborn
1 Premature Burial
1 Giant Trunade
1 Allure of Darkness

Brandon has Pot of Greed banned so I couldn't run that, and stuff like Raigeki and Feather Duster as well. I didn't play with a side or extra as I felt that I didn't really need them or know what the hell to have in there anyway. Into the Void is a pretty risky card if you don't got much action in your hand otherwise. I absolutely hate Hand Destruction as well, but I understand its importance since it digs for 2 cards and theoretically you should have plenty of ditch-able candidates. However this isn't always the case; I think I should've played some One Day of Peace, as even though it does give my opponent an extra card, the comfort of knowing you'll at least have an extra turn is pretty good. May have to sacrifice some speed for survivability.

I think Shadowpriestess FTK is the best FTK that Brandon hadn't touched, most likely cuz he didn't know about the deck. I didn't play the deck to piss people off, more like just to blatantly show that he left a viable FTK option open in his list. Since I didn't beat Brandon though, he probably won't hit it, as I don't want him to hit it anyway since I forked out like $70 to build the deck lol. If it became problematic to the point that I won like every tourney, sure, but it's not 100% in its FTK-ability.

This was probably the most "not-fun" fun I've had in quite a while! The deck reminded me of when I made Ian cry at one of the sneak peeks way back in the day when I ran Explosion OTK lol. I'll probably stick with this tourney and have my schedule be Sunday Haven, Tuesday T&M, and probably FNM Haven. This is the best configuration for me in terms of the number of miles I have to drive, I'll probably alternate between FNM and Saturday YGO @ Lightning. I'll probably also forgo FNM again this week as I have a test on Friday coupled with an assignment due on Monday (God I can't wait for this quarter to be over!).

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