Saturday, February 18, 2012

OCG Ban List Confirmed

As now Shriek has re-confirmed the list. Every time I looked at the above picture (the unedited one), that's what I imagined that guy with his belly showing out to be saying to everyone. It's like "yea, we're Konami, we're gonna hit the old shit and make you buy new. Synchros, gtfo. Buy ORCS SE so you can build Wind-Ups, Inzektors, and have Veilers to deal with it."

I think this has been the biggest fiasco we've ever had when it comes to banlist stuff. The past 2 days DGz's Banlist discussion threads have had over 200 users in them, and every thread you went to on Pojo, seems like a new page worth of discussion was created every 5 minutes. I figured, like a few others, that as more time passed, the more realistic this list was looking. My logic was, what reason does anyone in Japan have in providing additional scans of something that has already been scanned and been circulated around? I know I sure as hell wouldn't bother. We're still hoping for a pic with the actual promo alongside it, but like I said previously, come on.

I know a lot of players are pretty disappointed in this list, as am I. Some are simply like

But, what can we do besides quit, take a break, or simply endeavor? I know I'll be playing and just trying to make the most of it. The majority of the players that are like "*RAGE* I'm quitting to play Vanguard!" will be back in a matter of time. Nationals format is gonna be insane though! Oh boy, lol.

Oh, I guess there's "still hope" in that we get our own list, uh yea, fat chance bro. 


  1. Everyone can be pissed all they want lol I am stoked for this format! Glad to see dustshoot is gone as well. People need to stop whining so much and just adapt to the format. I haven't ever seen a ban list come out that everyone agrees with.

  2. Yea, people will bitch regardless of what happens. Danny and I talked about this, if they had hit (to the point of nerf) Wind-up and Inzektors, what reason would people have to buy ORCS SE? Just wouldn't have made sense (financial perspective) to ban Hunter and limit Hornet. Konami has always brought the lube and told us to "bend over and deal with it", so really, nothing has changed.

  3. I think Konami is trying to say "go play Magic!". Maybe WoTC is working with Konami and have them make horrible lists for they can convert ygo players to mtg players..... :P

    You know, I wouldn't be disappointed with this list except the point of a banlist is to fix problems in the game, not make new stuff sell lol.

    Hopefully, TCG will have a different list...