Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mah Birfday! + Ban List !?

Yup, I got a new ban list for my birthday - too bad it kinda sucks, can I exchange it at Walmart and get my money back?? lol.

Here are the pics floating around on the internetz:

Glow-Up Bulb

TG Striker
Agent Earth

Smoke Signal
Level Limit B
Ultimate Offering
Tengu (!!)

Call of the Haunted

People are still keeping their fingers crossed that this isn't the list, but come on, we get doubters every year that wait til the 1st, and it's the same exact list. I think the scans of this are too convoluted and intricate for it to be fake.

If this turns out to be fake I'll take this post down, but it's the most-legit one that has come out, and it's the 16th.
Reasoning for why I think it came out today instead of tomorrow: if it came out tomorrow, that would be Friday for us but Saturday for Japan. I don't quite remember 100% from the 8 years I've lived there, but I don't think they get mail on Saturdays. I could be wrong though. If they didn't get mail on Saturdays, they'd have to get it on Monday the 20th, only a day before the newsstand release of the magazine. Surely subscribers would get their shit more than a day early.

Update: Shriek OCG has listed these changes onto their site as well. At this point that should be enough evidence for y'all. If not, jus' bein' stubborn lol.  
The plot thickens! Shriek has just taken down ban list info, currently they can neither confirm nor deny what's been going around. I still stick to my stance that the job looks too good to be fake, and subscribers pretty much have to have their magazine today or tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday.

    I don't hate this list, but it wouldn't be a fun one to play under. Inzektors and wind-ups aaaaalllll day long.

  2. BANNED:
    *Trishula- I like this because it makes people lean more towards decks that Xyz summon.
    *Glow-up Bulb- This could be splashed in way to many decks and I am ok with this being banned.
    *Spore- With Glow-up bulb and spore gone I really don't think anyway plants have a chance anymore
    *Trap Dust Shoot- I always thought this card was too broken. I am so glad it is gone. It was too good not to run.
    *T.G Striker- I am not very happy with this choice. Kills T.G engine and Striker was not good enough to get limited.
    *Agent Earth- I thought this was going to go down to one. I am pretty happy about it. Really hurts people who were running agents though.
    *Marshmallon- This is really going to help with stall and I can see people running 2
    *Lumina- With this at two I can see Lightsworn XYZ decks happening for sure. Happy with the choice to bring it up to 2
    *E-Tele- I am glad to see that up to two as well. I can see psychic tuners being splashed in a lot more decks now for sure.
    *Smoke Signal- Six sams are definatly going to see play again for sure.
    *Level Limit B- I don't mind the boost they have been giving to stall these last 2 formats. It is just more reason to run XYZ's.
    *Torrential- I am so stoked. This is the best thing about the ban list I have seen. I talked to Mike and agree. It makes people think when the MST one they don't know if they are for sure safe. It was a very good choice to bring this up to 2.
    *Ultimate Offering- I thought it was fine at 3. Never had many problems with it, but I can see why they would bring it to two.
    *Tengu- OCG is banning it in advance. Sucks Japan won't ever get to see what Tengu was actually capable of at 3. Good for us. Card is way too good.
    *Call of The Haunted- This is funny. They bring it up one with each list that comes out. I am good with this as well.

  3. HBD lol


    1. Completely Agree, I need the pic of the promo then we will talk.

  4. Epler - I agree w/ all your assessments. Striker was hit because it was splashed into everything from Gadgets, Agents, to Samurai. It's a splashable Tuner that can be run completely independent from all other TGs.
    LFN - even when Shriek has posted the changes? I dunno, beyond enough proof for me at this point.

  5. I swear to god I hate all this ban list drama, lol.

    1. Lol with all of this ban list drama I forgot to say Happy Birthday!
      Happy Birthday!

  6. Yeah I agree all the ban list drama is pretty lame. The promo card is on the top left of the cover of the magazine by the way. It is the real deal

  7. You gotta love all the fake lists & the drama surrounding it. Fake in my eyes, especially since Shriek took it down too.