Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Store for Spokane Area

Sorry this isn't too relevant for all the non-local readers out there, but I just wanted to get out the word for the local folk that Gamer's Haven opened up their Valley store at 2114 N Pines St. It's basically down the street from Danny's lol. We tried to run tourneys out at their Idaho store a while back but couldn't get anything going since Lightning just had a larger following for Saturday tourneys. I haven't been to the store yet but looking at their Facebook page, the place looks huge. Looks like they are getting a good range of product, hopefully it's not too heavily focused on Magic. I'd like to see a store that has a good display of Yugioh singles. Danny stopped by yesterday and said they could probably hold a regional there, which would be a very good thing for us on the east side of the state. It's about time we had a regional that wasn't in Seattle/Portland. It's right behind the 7-11, so it's fairly easy to pick up food/drinks as well (not sure if the store has their own vending machine etc).

The word at the moment is that they'd like to hold tourneys on Thursdays, but not sure how that would mesh with everyone's schedules. Theoretically it'd be nice to have it on a day where the Idaho players would be willing to come out, so that basically rules out Saturdays, but if at least the majority of the Spokane players went, that'd be nice. They're doing a Magic box tourney for their grand opening, there's no reason why we couldn't generate enough people to have a Yugioh one sometime in the near future as well. I think the best way to do it is plan to have one for the release of ORCS SE since that gives a few weeks notice and to generate buzz. An SE box is essentially the same price as a regular booster box but contains more packs (plus promos), and it'd be a great way to kick off the new format.

I think we're kinda getting saturated again in terms of places to play. The closing of BGN basically brought rise to T&M's and this new Gamer's Haven. I'll provide a breakdown of what's available in the area, since I've gotten texts from people asking about it. Please correct me if I don't have times right:
Northtown Comic Book Shop 1PM [Haven't been to this myself, not sure on attendance]
Lightning Comics 1PM [As far as I know no one actually shows up to this one]

Northtown Comic Book Shop 5PM [~16 players regularly]
Uncle's Games (Valley) 5PM [Declining attendance - may be cancelling to switch to Thursday]

T&M's (Brandon's Mayhem format) 5PM [Haven't played in this, but there are enough people]
Uncle's Games (Valley) 5PM [Not sure if they still run them anymore, my guess is no]

T&M's 5PM [Still trying to generate enough players/interest]

None at the moment, but Uncle's and Gamer's Haven are interested in starting

None at the moment, and it ain't gonna happen since every store has an FNM

Lightning Comics 1PM [Anywhere from ~10 to ~16]
Uncle's Games (Downtown) 11AM(?) [~8 players?]

I personally think weekends are the best days to run tourneys, unfortunately it's fairly competitive in relation to how many people around here play at all. If there were you know, like 60+ people, it probably wouldn't be too bad, but realistically it's like around 40, so you can't have 3 stores running tourneys all on the same day and expect to get a good turnout. Andrew texted me last night saying Uncle's is planning on switching to Thursdays, I told him Thursday is actually one of my better days, but Gamer's Haven is gunning for that day as well, and I'd prefer going to Haven as I think most other players should as well, if only to instill confidence in the owner to run a regional. There's no way they can do a regional at Uncle's, so we should be putting our best efforts and interest to Gamer's Haven, as that's pretty much the only store in the area that would most likely be physically able to hold enough people. If the Haven can't even get the local people to show up, what notion will the owner have in thinking outsiders will?


  1. We need to get a good tourney going on Sundays. That is the only other day I can see working. Is Bob the owner of the one out in the Valley too? Everyone that goes to the tourneys in Idaho on Saturdays is because they work Monday-Friday thats why I think Sundays would be best.

  2. Yea I think it's the same owner, dunno what's happening to the Idaho store though or who's running it if he's running the Valley one. And yea, that's pretty much why Monday tourneys have always started at like 5. Sunday would potentially be good, I don't know what Northtown's turnout is like but I'm pretty sure it's less than their Monday ones. If Haven could secure Sunday they'd at least have a weekend day, which is better than a random middle-of-the-week day. I'll pass the suggestion along to Danny.