Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coming into Fruition, Giving Back, and Crazy Times

Yesterday I had a chance to go to the new Gamer's Haven shop, and I must say, it is incredible in terms of sheer space. The upstairs playing area itself can fit 50-60 without having to move any tables. If the tables were closer and another row of tables were brought in, that'd be like another 20 people. There's also a huge downstairs playing area as well, which I have no idea how many would fit in there, but it's bigger than the upstairs. The tables would have to be reconfigured since they're tables set up for Warhammer or one of those games. This is the first store in the Spokane area that I can confidently say could hold a regional.

After buying some Valentine's day gifts for my wife, I went to the shop and waited a bit for Danny and Shiggs to show up. I worked on my deck a little (which is kinda pointless) and met the owner real quick. Once Danny came I showed him the flier that I made up as a template for the box tourney that I'd like the store to hold. He liked it a lot so he called the owner, Bob, to come up and take a look. He liked it as well and appreciated my efforts in creating hype to hold a large-r event like this. I texted the guys last night to see if Saturday or Sunday would work better, and the majority said Sunday. Once it's finalized I'll post a picture of it and we'll also be handing them out to players at the various tourneys in the area. After seeing the poster I made up, Bob ordered 7 boxes of ORCS SE on-the-spot. I'm glad to see he is as excited about it as I am!

So why is it that I'm going through all the trouble to start up a box tourney? Well, as cool as a box tourney is, the "bigger picture" in my opinion is having a regional on this side of the state, consistently. Spokane is the 2nd biggest city in the state, and I've always found it baffling as to why we could never have a regional. Also, after 8+ years in this game, I took a moment to look back on my contributions. I asked myself, "If I were to all of a sudden quit today, could I say I was happy with the contributions that I've made for the betterment of the game?" Although I've helped the entire Corpus Christi meta become more competitive and pump in a more competitive card pool for them, made thousands of dollars for my teammates in helping them sell cards, taking Mikey and Elton directly under my wing and helping them become better players, I'd still say "no, I don't think I gave back enough." There comes a time where you have to do the selfless thing and give back to the Community, at least in some way, no matter how big or small that may be. Look at the ARG writers, and all the Youtube videos that have been made by so many users. Those people don't have to spend their time to put out content to help us become more competitive or to simply put out information, but they do, to give back. Whether it be helping a friend, writing articles or blogs, making Youtube videos to try and help people get better, etc, it's important so the game can not only simply continue, but thrive. If I was able to help in the process of successfully getting a regional over here and were to quit the following day, well, I would have no regrets in terms of my contribution to the Spokane area. There's a lot that has to be thought about in terms of logistics, but I have no doubt that it would be a good event, whenever we are able to do it.

I swear it seems like every ban list season gets worse and worse; there was a lot of commotion last night on the forums after someone (been hearing Jeff Jones' name tossed around) posted on their facebook with banlist info/scans. Now today there are even more alleged scans/info from various Japanese sites, who the hell knows if they're real or not lol. Currently Shriek still doesn't have it up, so realistically all these lists are still rumors/speculation/fakes. I think Shriek learned their lesson the last time they posted a fake list, I think it was a few years ago, and subsequently took it down. There was a good amount of backlash/hate and I think people still haven't forgotten about that incident completely, which is why there tends to still be negative assumptions when it comes to info that gets posted there. I hate falling for fake lists, so I'm strictly sticking with Shriek for the next few days. It doesn't matter too much though since I've gotten rid of all my high-risk/expensive cards. I'm primarily keeping up with list stuff so I can go on a shopping spree :)

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