Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Luck, Team!, + Battle Pack?

I went to Danny's in the morning today, apparently there was some drama last night which caused him to not want to go to this weekend's regional, but everything was worked out in the end. I gave Danny the two binders that he's going to sell to Brandon for me and then the guys showed up at like 12:30 or so and I did a trade with Epler. Other than that we just sat around and chilled as Danny got ready. Once everyone was ready to go I watched them all try to fit into Epler's little sports car, surprisingly everyone fit (barely) lol. I follow them to the 7-11 so they can get some food and drinks, then we drive to this card shop called T&M Cards cuz apparently they were selling a Zenmaines for $50 and Epler needed one. We get there and I guess he changes his mind, I didn't have the cash or the money in the right PayPal account to buy it, so I say one final good-bye and go do a few errands I need to do.

I get home, transfer some money from one account to the one that I have my PayPal debit card with, and go to Fred Meyer to withdraw the amount I owed Rob for selling his cards for him. I drive to the T&M place, see the worker (who's the owner), and I say "I know you guys are a Magic store, but I heard from the grapevine that you sell Yugioh cards?" and he points me to their little display case of Yugz. They didn't have much there, from what I remember they had a Vision Hero Adoration, Plaguespreader, a TU Doomcal, some Bureidos and Bureis, God cards, random jank, and the Zenmaines. I ask how much the Zenmaines is and he says "it's worth $90 but I'd sell it for $75", and I'm like "ehh, well I heard from a friend that you guys would sell it for $50". He ho-hums a little and says $55 for it since apparently the original deal that I was referring to was $50+some trades, so I accept. I get a pack of sleeves as well, since the ones for my main are pretty worn out.

Afterwards I talk to the owner and ask him about his tourneys, Brandon holds his "Mayhem" tourney on Tuesdays and they do a regular one on Wednesdays. Apparently anywhere from 12-20 show up and he throws out Aaron's name as one of them. I say I play at the Northtown one on Mondays and Lightning on Saturdays and he says he is friends with the owner of Lightning so that was cool. The owner is a cool guy in general, and said he's basically just starting out Yugz and ordered like $1500 worth of product to sell and if at any time we wanted him to order something, he was all ears. It reminded me of Board Game with decent space, card-shop atmosphere, except the major difference is that this guy has a business mind-set and always was like "is there anything else you need today?" to try and get more sales from myself and another customer that came in, as opposed to the Board Game workers that just stood there and looked at you. I can appreciate a go-getter kind of store owner, since they are going to be willing to fight more to keep their business afloat. I talk to him about the demise of Board Game and how we all basically just want a nice place to play where we can just be ourselves, and that's not inside a popular mall. I ask him how his FNM turn-outs are and he says about 30, I'm just like "god damn, when I played the only place to play was Merlyn's, now it seems like every card shop in town that runs an FNM has about the same turn-out". Magic has really boomed in our area it seems (tempting!).

Afterwards I text Danny about this place and tell him I'd probably cut Lightning out from my weekly tournament schedule, as it's basically 60 miles round-trip, which is just too much to do every weekend. This can also free up my weekend in general, as I'd kinda like to have my Saturdays back to just chill and do homework and whatnot.

Anyways, good luck to my team mates Danny, Nate, Zach, and Epler, and also to Donut, in Seattle regionals! I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure my weekend is free for the April Portland regional. Also good luck to everyone playing at this weekend's YCS. I don't think there'll be a lot of big-name players, but at least it gives us some winning decklists to go off of for the small remainder of the format, assuming they actually put them up before the list gets leaked. Speaking of which, the V-Jump is supposed to release on the 21st over there, so a few days before that is probably when the real list will be out. Checking on Shriek's site, it's always been on Feb 17th for the past few.

So the big "news of the week" has to be of the upcoming Battle Pack, which makes an effort to make Sealed/Draft a viable format in Yugz. Obviously there's the Guide reprint, but some other things that caught my eye were from the article page, which mentions Witch of the Black Forest, DMoC, and Raigeki. No idea if this means they're coming off the list, but I'mma try and pick some up just in case. I actually don't think I own a Witch or Raigeki so it'd be a good idea to obtain them I suppose. The announcement of this set alone only further solidifies the concept of the "1-Year Rule". I admit after seeing that Guide wasn't going to be in the ORCS SE, I figured it was safe until the next Gold Series or Collector's Tins. Like I've mentioned though, they can release any damn kind of out-of-the-blue product and reprint, which obviously affects those that have these expensive cards (*cough*). It's OK though, I've already sold them and got a lot more out of them than I put in ;) I will miss them the next few months, but it's sort of a relief since I have guaranteed good money for them. If anything, Nate has shown me that you really don't need to have them to win, especially at lolcals. The unfortunate part of all this is that the set's still essentially 4 months out, and I'm sure they're gonna be hard as hell to pull anyways. I wonder if they'll bump up the release date of the OCG's Extra Pack so they can then hit Tour Guide come September. I dunno, lots to think about, but from now on I'm gonna listen to my own advice and follow the 1-year rule for expensive-ass cards. Maxx C I will probably still keep, just too damn good and they aren't triple digits.

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