Saturday, February 4, 2012

Congrats to Epler + YCS Mexico Day 1 Recap

Driving to Seattle and back in one day sucked. We left around 6:30AM, got to the funeral pretty much right as it was starting (11AM), went to the reception, and we were back on our way at around 1PM. Anyways Epler ended up doing the best out of the guys who went to the regional, getting 11th out of 278 people. I only really texted Danny throughout the day, he dropped after the 4th round due to "vanillalall", and promptly asked me if I had any Hornets for trade, which I do have 1 of. Guess he lost to 2 Inzektors in a row and doesn't want to keep Dino Rabbit. He also made sure I hadn't sold off his Wind-Up stuff since he'll most likely make the deck since it's been doing well at various events so far.

Epler showed us his deck yesterday and to be honest I had very little faith in it doing well. It seemed like a mix of stuff you'd see in a loop-heavy version of the deck (like Marauding Captain), but had control cards like Compulsory and I don't even remember what else. It wasn't quite "loop" since it didn't have stuff like Instant Fusion, but at the same time wasn't "control" since it ran stuff like Captain. I think he also ran Kitten, which I don't think either version is "supposed to" run, at least from what I've seen on the forums. Epler always likes to run his own shit though and I'm happy to see he's done well at a higher-level tournament. I think this was his first regionals. I'd like to get a deck profile and post-event Q&A interview with him, I think the guys will also be uploading Youtube videos; on which channel(s) I don't know yet. Hopefully we will get a tourney report from someone as well.

As for the YCS, the top 32 breakdown is as follows:
9 Wind-Up
5 Inzektor
5 Dino Rabbit
3 Plant
3 Six Samurai
1 Scrap
1 Agent
1 Dark World
1 Chaos
1 TG
1 GK
1 Wind-Up Inzektor (this is probably more Wind-Up heavy, but didn't know where to exactly place it - WU, Inz, or by itself? lol)

The 3 Six Sam decks are fairly surprising to me, and Wind-Up emerges as the most represented deck in the top 32. ORCS clearly has an impact on the meta, as everyone knew going into it. Goes to show any deck that can discard almost all of the opponent's hand turn 1 is good, even with the presence of Maxx C and Veiler. The awkward thing is that the deck isn't doing much in the OCG with the cardpool they have, so it's going to be interesting to see what Konami does with the list in general. I'm pretty sure all that's been finalized since the magazine will have to go into production for shipment, if it's not in production already (dunno how these kinds of things work).

They need to get to the point where we can have separate lists altogether because of all the exclusives that exist and are coming out, set after set. The OCG and TCG are so different, so why should our game be shaped around what happens in the OCG? I dunno, I'm sure what it boils down to is $ and control of the property, and probably a group of people's heads stuck up their asses. Beyond that, who knows.

Oh ya, I also ordered some Witches and Raigekis, just in case. I think bringing back Raigeki would be beyond absolutely ridiculous, but this is Yugz after all. As for DMoC, I'm not really sure on how viable he'd be if he came back or what deck he'd go in. Perhaps some kind of busted combo deck would come out of it, I dunno. As long as Dimension Fusion stays banned, lol.


  1. I do own 1 DMoC but I'm hesitant to get more lol, they're apparently about $25 apiece

    The thing with sealed play is that it doesn't follow the banlist, and if you pull more than 3 copies of a card you're allowed to use more

    As such, I wouldn't look into it too much, Raigeki getting unbanned doesn't even make sense

  2. windups not doing as well in OCG?

    agree on the banlist... but I think it'll take a petition or something to get to that

  3. @LFN: oh, did they/Kevin clarify the rules regarding sealed play? I tried finding something about it in the article but didn't find anything, nor have I been on the boards enough the past 2 days.

    @blackwingEX: I agree