Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Box Tourney Report 4-9-12; Uncle's Games (Valley)

I messed around on DN the night before to finalize my main and sidedeck for the box tournament, expecting to face against Heroes and DW. After tweaking my real deck I headed off to Uncle's around 4:15 and got there around 4:30 and the regulars were there. Watched Corey and Paul play a few games, the Dino mirror is interesting to watch. Eventually Link shows up and then Nate, Danny can't make it nor could Alan and Donut :( I make a last-minute change to my side (take out a Dust Tornado for another Snowman) and don't do much else since I don't want people knowing what I was going to run today. Everyone signs up, we wait around till like 5:30 or so and eventually things get started. Attendance is 16, even though it felt like there were a lot more people there. I guess the $15 entry was too steep.

Round 1 vs Aaron (BW)I lose the die roll.
Game 1 - He sets Bora turn 1 and I pop it with Centipede. Next turn he Blizzards and goes into Armed Wing. I OTK next turn.
Game 2 - I don't get Hornet this whole game, and he is in good position via an Armor Master, but he goes into a Black Rose and nukes the field. He had thought that BRD stays on the field, but I say "no, it gets destroyed too." He reads it over, and puts it in the grave. I just power through with Zektcaliber'd Centipedes and whatnot, and I Solemn something he summons, forget what it was but win next turn.
Record: 1-0

Round 2 vs Paul (Dino)
I lose the die roll.
Game 1 - I OTK somewhere around 3rd or 4th turn I believe.
Game 2 - I draw all traps and nothing but traps and Zektcalibers while Kabazauls beats me down.
Game 3 - This was a lot more back and forth in terms of LP, "Paul drew poopy" is what I have in my notes lol.
Record: 2-0

I watch Shiggs play against this guy running Zombies, which I see him activate Dark Hole, normal summon a Penguin Soldier and attack for game. I see them pack their stuff up, and I had thought they were actually playing a tournament game there, and I was just like "wow, really?" Turns out it was just for funsies.

Round 3 vs Link (Wind-Up)
I lose the die roll (I'm on a roll!).
So this whole time I thought he was running Dino while his girlfriend was running Wind-Up since he was showing off "her" deck to me before the tourney. Glad I took out all my Maxx C's from the side! :/
Game 1 - Don't have much written down for this game, I remember Veiler'ing a few early plays to avoid getting looped but can't capitalize on anything and eventually end up with no hand. He takes this one.
Game 2 - He goes Magician, so I activate Vanity's Emptiness which ends his turn. I pop with Dragonfly, Solemn something, and he scoops.
Game 3 - An epic game, at one point I thought I was going to lose but turn it around with a endphase Call on Hopper which gets Fiendish'd, then Dragonfly and Leviair plays basically pop the whole field. He Dark Holes and simplifies the gamestate so he has nothing and he knows I have Dragonfly since I searched it from Centipede last turn. Fortunately my Hopper is in there so I can still special and then search for a Sword. He MST's the Sword as a sign of scooping. I remember really kicking myself for not having a 2nd Leviair in this game cuz I could've brought back some of his Rabbit'd away Wind-Ups.
Record: 3-0

Round 4 vs Shiggs (Samurai)
I lose the die roll (0 for 4, baby!)
Well Shiggs and I were the only undefeateds left so I didn't care too much about how ours was going to end up since I knew we'd both make tops. I make a remark about how I need to learn how to roll the dice better.
Game 1 - He sits there for a moment and I'm like "come onnn, Gateway United Dojo, just do it" which he does do exactly. Great! He wins this one with his massive advantage and field presence to my poop hand.
Game 2 - I turn 1 Zenmaines via Hopper play, he opens Gateway United, but I OTK next turn via Dragonfly+Sword combo. I jokingly say to him "you know Gateway's at 1 right?" and he just laughs.
Game 3 - He attacks into my facedown Kinetic Soldier, but he's able to bounce it with Enishi and from there on I have no other notes in my LP sheet besides a :( face. I lose.
Record: 3-1

Top 4 is Shiggs (Sams), Schroeder (Hero), Roy (Wind-Up), and me (Inzektor). I was like "hm, that's a really 'interesting' top 4" lol. Link and Nate got knocked out so I was kinda sad I was the only Team O member left. Oh well I probably would've just had to play one of them in top 4 had one of them made it in anyway lol.

Shiggs was who I wanted to play the least, so of course, as the norm, I get to play him. I tell him "if you beat me, you pretty much got this in the bag dude."

Top 4 vs Shiggs (Samurai)
I win the die roll (holy f)!
Game 1 - I was excited just to win the die roll, unfortunately I couldn't stop the wrath known as Shiggs, as he has 2 Veilers to stop my bug plays, then a Solemn Judgment to stop a Centipede summon, and then a top deck'd Warning for my Dragonfly next turn. I'm just like Christ, this kid's unstoppable right now.
Game 2 - Dragonfly+Sword OTK combo.
Game 3 - So this was it, the make or break game. I shuffle his deck real good cuz I've given him Gateway in almost all our games, unfortunately he still opens Gateway United with a massive field. He makes a bad move by summon'ing Veiler to Synchro, so I Torrential. Thought I had it in the bag at this point, but that freakin' Enishi puts in serious work. He then goes Kageki and Enishi and has a big grave to fuel him while we're both in topdecking mode pretty much. I make a misplay by D-Prison'ing the Kageki instead of the Enishi, but in retrospect I don't think it would've mattered because he would've just bounced whatever XYZ I went into and I'd be back to topdecking since I didn't have enough cards to finish off the remaining 6400 he had.
Record: 3-2

Roy loses his match, so him and I just split since it was 6 packs for 4th and 12 for 3rd, we were both perfectly fine with 9 each since the difference wasn't that much. Schoeder and Shiggs play it out, I could've sworn Shiggs was going to win this one, but he loses out in game 3. At one point he had three Level 3's on the field with no Tuner, and I think if he owned a Zenmaines he would've survived and maybe go on to win the match. Not sure why he didn't go Leviathan, maybe just for the extra field presence.

All in all it was a good tourney and I felt comfortable with the deck. My only losses were to Shiggs, which I've become fine with now. I have a newfound respect for him as a player, and no longer can I underestimate him, at least with Sams. That means I get to consider him a "threat", which means I'm just gonna commit more side for the match-up :) I thought the 1 Kinetic was gonna be enough of a silver bullet, and while it was, it just wasn't enough. One thing I hate about the game the past couple formats is there being so many decks and not being able to include the "silver bullet" type side cards and strictly going for "all purpose".

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