Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OMG They took my pri-pri! + Local update

Thank God. No more auto-wins/losses to top-deck'd JD's and BLS's. At least having a set Bottomless will help you not get wrecked now.

Although the news has been spreading like wildfire, I'm sure there are those that will still be oblivious to it so figured I'd talk about it. Firstly, here's Konami's breakdown article of the change to "Fast Effect Timing" AKA priority. I honestly didn't read all that crap so I headed on to Youtube in hopes of hearing someone explain the changes instead. I'd recommend 3zinferno's (Wilson Tsang) video as well as MegaCapitalG's and TeamMinority's. CapitalG also posted a video about how he thinks the game will change. Worth watching.

I for one am so glad that priority is gone. I also believe a lot of players will get worse in the game, as they will not be able to hide behind broke Ignition effects to save their ass anymore. I believe this will let the players with more skill prevail and we will see less losses due to the "sack" factor. This is how the game should have always been - reward skill, and take away crutches. Some people needed those crutches though, so now it's up to them if they're going to step their game up or get swept.

So what are the big cards that get hit, what's not affected, and what becomes better?
In my opinion:
Rescue Rabbit
Scrap Dragon
Card Car D (but still played in 3s in almost all OCG decks)
Solemn Brigade (still great, but you don't HAVE to straight-up Solemn that BLS/DAD/etc now)
Maxx C (Veiler will be more useful against more decks)

Not affected
Tour Guide
Flip Monsters

Trap Hole
Book of Moon
Chain Disappearance
Raigeki Break/PWWB
Fiendish Chain (this may get the boot though as players make space for BTH)
Gemini Spark
Hero Blast

So how will this affect the meta? Well, first of all I know Veiler and Bottomless will see more play. This may cause S/T removal or negation play to increase, which may then cause Bottomless to go back down via that yoyo effect. Dino Rabbit gets hurt pretty bad, as that's going to absolutely suck getting your Rabbit Veiler'd or Book'd. I'm sure people will still run it though and just try to overcome/adapt to the change. Laggia and Dolkka are still beastly. As for the rest of the top decks, I think most of them have similar aspects with how they get hit. Dark World is probably affected the least, but an increase in BTH play will probably affect their Grapha unless they're just always popping them. I think the top decks will still be what they are currently and I don't think any particular deck gets a massive boost per se, but with Heroes not really giving a damn about Veiler and Spark/Blast being able to hit more, I'd expect their play to go up, maybe incorporating Lance to overcome the increase in BTH.
Just wanted to provide an update to the local players - T&M's will be doing Advanced tourneys on Tuesdays in conjunction with Brandon's pseudo-Traditional one. Not sure what time it'll start but probably somewhere around the 5-5:30 range. I don't think anyone besides maybe a couple people are gonna stick with Brandon's tourney, so I'm just gonna say that that one's pretty much over. I don't care either way in terms of which format, I'm just gonna play in whichever one has the better turnout. Several people have been saying "there'd be more people if it was Advanced", so I'm looking forward to that possibility. I still found it funny though that Uncle's on Monday only ended up doing a 4-man Advanced tourney, and there were 14 people for Brandon's last night (which I won). I want to say it's because of day/location rather than the difference in format. I'm hoping the end result won't be like half the people playing one tourney and the rest the other, since you'd end up with 2 baby tourneys rather than one "decent" sized one.

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  1. Good post, you pretty much summarized how the game is going to change.