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Locals Report 3-2-2012; Uncle's Games

Well I was pretty excited to play since the last tourney I played in was the box tourney, about a month ago. I had been playing on DN a little bit but nothin beats good ol' in-real-life games. I watched Wilson Tsang's video about the post-Long Beach meta in which he felt that Heroes were still below Inzektor and Wind-Up by a little. Up until this point, most of my testing on DN was with Heroes, but this made me hesitate in bringing them to the tourney. I also only had 2 Shinings and 1 Nova Master so I made a last-minute switch back to Inzektor and fixed up my Extra and Side accordingly. Grab my stuff and head over to Gamer's Haven.

Surprisingly Alan gets there exactly when I do and I also see Shiggs doing something outside, Alan and I both go upstairs and there's no one there besides a couple Magic players so we just sit down and test. I text Shiggs to come upstairs. He comes up, and it's like 4:40 by now and there's still no one here, which makes me doubt that there's going to be a tourney. I text Roy to see if he's at Northtown and if there are any players, and he tells me he's at Uncle's and there's currently 5 with 3 more on the way. I'm like "well screw this let's go to Uncle's" so we pack up and I drive Alan and Shiggs over. We get there and there's a fairly decent turnout considering it's Uncle's. I pay for Alan's entry and tourney gets started fairly soon. I ask Carl if he rules it where Hopper can use its effect on turn 1 since that was going to play a large role in what I played. He's like "yea I've always ruled it that you can do it turn 1" so I'm like sweet, don't need to make any changes. Attendance is 12.

Round 1 vs Seto (Chaos Dragons)
I think he just bought 3 of the structure deck and threw in some Veilers, JD's, and a BLS, not sure, but he was still sleeving up his deck so I just shuffled up then waited. For playing the game so long, the guy shuffles so slooow lol. I think it was like 10 minutes into the round by the time we got started, or at least it felt like that long.
Game 1- I decide to start with Centipede+Hopper but he Veilers my Centipede before I even say "effect", so I'm like alright. I stop the majority of his plays, he surprises me with a Lightpulsar play but it's like whatever, I can just pop as often as I want. Some Fiendish Chains stop his late-game JD and whatnot and I pop over for game.
Game 2 - He overextends turn 1 with 4 monsters and I Dark Hole. I Reborn one of his REDMD's which survives all the way til the end lol. I don't get any Inzektor plays online until mid-game or so and fairly low in life, but as they say, LP's are nice but I only need 1 to win.
Record: 1-0

Round 2 vs Paul (Inzektor)
Game 1 - I think it was this game where he tried to Reborn my Dragonfly but I chained Call of the Haunted to fizzle his Reborn. He just gave me a dirty/"wow wtf" look lol. I admit that was pretty convenient right there. I generate more advantage over the next few turns and win.
Game 2 - I try to Mind Control his Dragonfly and use it but he has the Veiler, then I try to XYZ my Hornet with it but he has the Book. Crap! He combos off a little but not enough to go for game. I think I follow up with a Zektcaliber play to come back or maybe Mantis and win.
Record: 2-0

So at this point the only undefeateds were me, Shiggs, and Alan, and I get down-paired.

Round 3 vs Dwight (Inzektor)
Game 1 - I pretty much get my engine going before he does and win out via OTK.
Game 2 - This game was funny since toward the end we were both down to top-decking and a game of "Hornet beatdown" ensued. Over the course of the game he drew into 3 Hornets and was basically 1-for-1'ing my stuff. Late game I draw a Dragonfly backed with a Fiendish Chain just in case and I win.
Record: 3-0

I go over to watch Alan and Shiggs' match since Sams vs Karakuri feels like, so last format lol. Game count is 1-1. Alan has a set Snowman with a Torrential and Shiggs' hand is like Hand, Gateway, Dojo, United, Rivalry and E-Con I think. Plays the 3 spells then summons Hand so Alan Torrentials. I questioned the play but Alan explained it and it made sense since he had the Heavy in hand and didn't want to risk any more Sams coming out so Shiggs could plus off the United/etc. Alan plays Heavy to destroy the spells and the E-Con. He doesn't follow up with anything besides a set monster and maybe a S/T. Over the next few turns Shiggs is able to re-stabilize since Alan can't summon anything since he has a face-up Snowman and Shiggs has Rivalry active. He also Enishi's away a Leviathan or something Alan made. Late game Alan is behind and Dualities, pretty much needing a Dark Hole at this point, doesn't get it, and I can tell by his facial expression that he was pretty much screwed. He loses the next turn I believe.

Round 4 vs Shiggs (Samurai)
I always fear playing against Shiggs' Samurai cuz it just seems so nutty. I say Sams are basically like DW in that if they nut all over you you can't really do much and lose.
Game 1 - I misplay bad by using Warning on his Grandmaster, he's like OK and grabs it back. I completely forgot about that crap, I think it's BS. As I figured, this cost me the game and I don't have much else in my hand to come back.
Game 2 - I side in my Maxx C's, which I open and his turn he Smoke Signals and Rota's for Elder and Kagemush. I Maxx C so he doesn't go off so he passes turn with a set. From here on I'm able to control the match for the most part and I out advantage.
Game 3 - Wasn't looking forward to this since he'd start the match and sure enough turn 1 he has like Shi En, Grandmaster, Kizan, and a Gateway. I'm glad he didn't have any other S/Ts though since I just pop'd over his field and MST'd his Gateway. At the very end he shows that he drew into 2 more Grandmaster over the past 2 turns and scoops it up. I was like "damn, I think 3 GM is too many."
Record: 4-0

So at this point I was hoping they wouldn't do top 4 since it was about 8pm and the store usually closes at 9. I figured they wouldn't be able to do 2 rounds in an hour, but I wasn't going to bitch about it since they did top for the box tourney after we had complained. I figured it wouldn't be right of me to complain about not doing tops when I'm not 1st at the end of Swiss, and complain about doing tops when I am. Top 4 was me (Inzektor), Alan (Karakuri), Shiggs (Samurai), and Corey (DW). DW is what I wanted to face least, for obvious reasons, so naturally that's what I had to face lol. FML!

Top 4 vs Corey (DW)
Game 1 - Fairly back and forth I believe but he tries to dig for cards with Card Destruction and doesn't get much, and gets behind via Recklesses. Timely MSTs on Gates from my end help as well.
Game 2 - Early control via Dark Smog, Skill Drain, and a Crazy Card Destruction play for him to draw 7, and I'm at like 4 cards total after he Deck Devs. I try to hold on by D-Prison'ing one of his Graphas but it simply doesn't matter since he's like +8 on me.
Game 3 - This was one hell of a game, very back and forth. At the end, he has a face down s/t, a set monster, and Zenmaines w/ 2 material and is locked under Reckless. I have a set Decree, activate it, and do enough pops and attack to get rid of the Zenmaines. I think my Hornet was banished from a Crow so I have to make a Leviair play before doing all this, I don't even remember how now lol. He's locked under Reckless for his next turn, then I can pop away, keep his S/T there (Skill Drain) just in case he had Gorz in hand, and attack over.
Record: 5-0

Alan beat Shiggs, then we split for first since the wife is hounding me yet again and I'm pretty sure his as well to him. He pulls Dark Diviner and XYZ Reflect, I pull Hanzo and a Zektahawk. Nothin exciting lol.

Decklist: 41
Monsters: 17
10 Staple Bugs
2 Hopper
3 Veiler
1 Sangan

Spells: 15
3 Duality
3 Kaliber
1 Allure
1 Hole
1 Reborn
1 Heavy
1 Book
1 Foolish

Traps: 9
2 Torr
3 Solemn Trio
2 Fiendish
2 Call

I made a last-minute decision to cut DAD and re-include trip Veiler and BLS. DAD is bomb when everything is set in place for him, but just not consistent enough I don't think. I don't think I ever drew into BLS today except in the test game against Alan. Veiler was OK in that it was never a hindrance and stopped my opponent's plays as needed. Everything else about the deck felt fine.

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