Thursday, April 19, 2012

FNM Here I Come, Dragons, & Box Tourney Update

Well I finally got a chance to go to Gamer's Haven today and picked up the Snapcasters I've been holding out on buying for the past couple of months. Unfortunately they didn't have the last Phantasmal Image I was needing, but I'll try and get one tomorrow. What's nice about coming back into Magic is that I basically have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Sure, I won a MtG regional 5 years ago, but that's half a decade. Right now my mentality is that I'm at the bottom and I can only go up from here in terms of skill, card pool, and knowledge about the current game. I know that I'll most likely have to read each card that gets played by my opponent, and I'm OK with that because each person I play against, win or lose, will only make me better and help me get back on top of the game. Like I've mentioned before, I'm wanting to get back due to the sheer number of people playing the game right now in our area, and increased playerbase means increased prize support, which means more opportunities to plus. Looking forward to my first FNM in about 2 years :)

I find it kind of funny that even though Dino Rabbit won Dallas and got 2nd at Tolouse, the deck that's getting the most talk right now is Chaos Dragons, and values for the cards in Rescue Rabbit haven't done a damn thing; I think Rescue Rabbits are actually going down. Maybe if Frazier had won, rather than Nizar. I'd like to build up a Dragon variant once the singles I ordered come in, who knows if I'll actually play it or not though.

As for the box tourney, I believe the prizes will be normal booster boxes of ORCS rather than SE's. When I went in there today, Bob only had 1 ORCS SE left for sale, and said he had ordered 4 boxes for the event and I saw a few sealed ORCS boxes on the shelf. Either way, a box tourney is a box tourney! I hope everyone in the area can make it out cuz Team O needs some competition ;) And remember, it starts at 11AM this time.

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