Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prepping for Regionals

Well after months of talking about it, I think my deck is set for this weekend's Portland regionals. There's still a few other miscellaneous things I need to do today like get an oil change for my car, clean my car, confirm our motel reservation over the phone (gotten screwed in this past by not doing this), pack in general, and make sure my GPS's are working correctly cuz they've been jacked up as of late. The event site said there's going to be a 140-person limit as well, but they have an online pre-pay option so I signed up Danny, Link, and myself so far. Need Cossy#'s from the rest of the team if they want me to pre-register them. It's hard to say if this'll be necessary, since who knows it might be a low turnout (but I doubt it), but for this kind of thing where we're driving for 6+ hours to go to, I'd say it's better to be safe than sorry especially when it's so easy to guarantee your spot by pre-paying online.

After regionals I will be setting my sights on Magic and finally actually getting back into that. Only 3 Snapcasters and 1 Phantasmal Image to go!

Looking forward to the event, hopefully it all goes smoothly!

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