Sunday, April 8, 2012

Uncle's Games Box Tourney Tomorrow

Just a heads up to the local players - the Valley Uncle's is holding another box tourney tomorrow at the usual 5PM time, and this time they've listed the entry fee as $15 right on their events site; shouldn't be a surprise this time around. I'm guessing they will be giving ORCS out since I know they still have quite a few boxes left from when they ordered a case from the previous box tourney. Hopefully everyone shows up on time and we're not waiting around til 6 for players to show up. This only prolongs the tourney especially if they do a top cut, which in all fairness, they should. I'll probably show up around 4.

Who: you & friends that play Yugz
What: box tourney (ORCS?)
Where: Valley Mall Uncle's
When: Monday at 5
Why: because box tourneys > regular locals
Fee: $15

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